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Salvathore Font

Salvathore is a wood type font design published by Maghrib Published by MaghribDownload Salvathore

Zara Elyse Font

Zara Elyse is a hand drawn monoline script from The 1871 Project. It comes with 2 weights and 4 different styles. It contains a ton of different alternates you can use by accessing the glyphs panel inside adobe illustrator or

Celdum Font

Celdum, a modern geometric type family, constructed from a rectangular grid. Smooth, precise curves meet horizontal and vertical lines to create a monoline design with no apparent contrast. Each letter shape has unique subtleties creating a purposeful type family suited

FR Pasta Mono Font

FR Pasta Mono family is an offspring of the well received free font FR Pasta Simpla. This font family is a monospaced, tall design capable of setting playful, elegant text headlines. The FR Pasta Mono family comes with a few

Natalya Monoline Font

Natalya Monoline is the rounded monolinear companion to Natalya. Like its predecessor, Natalya Monoline has a smooth rhythm and flows fluidly, due in no small part to its reliance on the golden spiral for its ornate swirls. This makes for

YWFT Unisect Font

YWFT Unisect was built to act as the sister to the popular triple-lined typeface, YWFT Trisect. YWFT Unisect contains a minimal, geometric style that remains consistently legible no matter the point size. YWFT Unisect has been used numerous times by

Intropol Font

A modern journalistic style typeface. The subtle condensed characters create great economy of space best suited to brochure, editorial and magazine layouts. Also using the contrasting weights you can add great dimension across headline and body copy. Details include 6