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1543 Humane Jenson Font

In 1543 the well-known “De humani corporis fabrica” treatise on anatomy by André Vesale, was printed by Johann Oporinus in Basel (Switzerland). Various typefaces were used for this work, mostly in Latin but including Greek characters. Its Jenson-type font was

1529 Champ Fleury Pro Font

In 1529, Geofroy Tory, French scholar, engraver, printer, publisher and poet, was publishing the well known so called “Champ Fleury”, printed by Gilles de Gourmond, in Paris. It is a fully illustrated handbook where the author explain how to drawn

Cloister Font

Designed by Phil Martin in 1975, Cloister is a serif font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian. Published by URW Type Foundry GmbHDownload Cloister