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Portoluce Font

Portoluce is a Roman typeface. These fonts are delicate and highly readable at very small sizes but reveals all its strength and personality when used at big sizes. The contrast of the sharped serifs provides a fresh and very contemporary

Paganini Font

Designed in 1928 by Alessandro Butti under the direction of Raffaello Bertieri for the Nebiolo foundry, Paganini defies standard categorization. While it definitely is a classic foundry text face with obvious roots in the oldstyle of the Italian renaissance, its

Steinburg Modern Font

Steinburg Modern™ is largely a variation on a Garamond-styled typeface with differences in some character designs and in the overall character proportions. In addition, the curved brackets that were a distinctive part of Garamond’s 16th century design are perhaps the

Mr Darcy Font

The elegant and very graceful Mr. Darcy is sufficiently compete with its additional characters–to be stated more precisely, over 136 defining alternates. These optional features are carefully displayed within the supplied brochure. The employ of the Mr. Darcy family moreover

Orpheus Pro Font

The original Orpheus design by Walter Tiemann (1926-1928, Klingspor) was certainly a masterpiece. Unfortunately, like so many typefaces of that between-wars era, it got overlooked when type technology changed over to film, and once again when digital type came around.

Thunderbird Font

Designed in 1925 by ATF Studio, Thunderbird is one wicked and wild woodtype serif design. Thunderbird is full of reference and style from the American wild west time peroid, which makes it perfect for that retro poster project you need