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Adriattico Font

Adriattico is a script font design published by Peter Olexa Published by Peter OlexaDownload Adriattico

TT Cometus Font

Dynamic, attractive and catchy – the new TypeType display font! TT Cometus is an expressive typeface that captivates from the first time you read a text set in it. Despite its massiveness, the typeface is malleable and dynamic, like a

TT Trailers Font

Meet the new TT Trailers! The first version of TT Trailers was conceived as a font suitable for the film industry. The font harmoniously looks in posters, it is ideally suited for setting titles. However, the font has gained wide

Cobalt 27 Font

Cobalt 27 was inspired by early and mid 20th century typography and graphic art movements, notably Constructivism and 60’s modernism. The family consists of three weights and one alternate text version that have been designed to be used with and

TT Barrels Font

TT Barrels is an elegant scotch style modern serif with strong industrial accents in its design. The TT Barrels project was born from a fictional technical assignment in which we tried to combine the technological effectiveness of industrial production used

Bolonat Hand and Extra Font

Based on Hand-drawn cafe signs from Jaffa, Bolonat was created for the New York restaurant of the same name. Available here as a complete set, the Bolonat contains the complete font family in OTF, plus the original Blue wash vector