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Proxima Soft Font

Proxima Soft (2017) is a rounded version of Proxima Nova. With the same forty-eight styles (eight weights in three widths, plus italics), Proxima Soft fits the bill when you want something a bit warmer and more playful than its older

Les Tres Font

German designer Claudia Kipp has stated that she sees design as a “necessity to improve and enrich the visual world,” and her modern and clean sans typeface Les Tres certainly does its share. Working with great efficiency and great impact,

DWC Headline Condensed Font

DWC headline is a font based on the hand rendered type used on Whiskey casks Inspired by the beautiful hand rendered, stenciled and paint forms we found on old Irish and Scottish Whiskey casks, particularly the casks from the Scottish

Cinderblock Font

If prisons are built with stones of law, then powerful words indeed are built with letters of Cinderblock–the World’s Tallest Typeface. Inspired by masonry and available in eight heights–each version growing approximately 25% taller than the previous–Cinderblock is a brand

URW Slab Serif Collection Font

The URW++ Slab Serif Collection contains all of the muscle and masculinity of URW++’s finest Slabs, lined up in their boots and spurs, ready to take on all comers. These OpenType killers include various options like stylistic alternates, and make

Klimt Font

Structurally inspired by modern fonts, Klimt is distinctive for its two options: Original Slab Serif and Organic Slab Serif. The Latter is special for it illustrates the designer’s attempt to genetically modify the font. Beginning with the original structure, a

Abandon Font

A sans-serif font family of five weights designed for headline and text use, with old style numerals and small caps, and extensive kerning. Published by Suomi Type FoundryDownload Abandon

Romeo Font

Hey mister! Wanna buy a headline? Look no further than the decorative, beveled style of Romeo. With Dutch-designed all-caps mastery, Romeo works best for DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN-style headlines, with a distinctive power and prestige that grabs the eye like sunlight

Bahn Pro Family Font

Bahn Pro Family is a display font inspired by the old austrian bahn signs. Published by Pier Francesco MartiniDownload Bahn Pro Family