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Black Cluster Font

First things first: I am really not a Star Trek fan. I did come up with this name, which I thought had a good ring to it. When I checked whether the name was already taken, I found out that

Demented Font

Feeling a bit odd, hearing ‘those’ voice again want to let the world know with a wavy, crazy and odd dream-like font well here it is! Graffiti, hand written / horror film TV series inspired font. Think the ‘Evil Dead’,

Dirty Boy Font

For all you graffiti home boyz. Brush style script with a dirty urban look. For those looking for a rough brush style ting. This font was created by Benjamin A Melville and features a full upper and lower case alphabet

Dead End Font

Graffiti styled font that looks like it has been scratched in a hurry. Dead end implies a sense of a font from a horror film or TV that deals with dark,evil and twisted side of the world. Try thinking of

P22 Ridley Font

Ridley is a calligraphic-influenced, decorative, medieval font combining Roman and Gothic forms. It is named for Nicholas Ridley and similar to the P22 Latimer font. Ridley and Latimer were protestants burned together at the stake in 1555 during the reign

P22 Basel Roman Font

In mid 2001, P22 was approached by a Daniel Garrison, a Classics scholar at Northwestern University about possibly digitizing a long lost “Garamond” typeface. This font was used by Johannes Herbst (a.k.a. Ioannes Oporinus) in 1543 to publish Andreas Vesalius’

Kerberos Fang Font

A creepy, blood-splattered horror font, made entirely with brushes and ink. Ideal for websites and halloween. Published by HanodedDownload Kerberos Fang

Hangman's Delight Font

Hangman’s Delight is a scratchy, all caps font. The upper case letters come with swirls and curls, but the lower case letters are unadorned. A bit of an unusual font, I admit, but it would look nice on book covers

Downward Fall Font

Downward Fall owes its name to one of my favorite Opeth songs, called The Funeral Portrait. The song itself is an uptempo metal composition with rather dark lyrics. This peculiar combination, a mix of good and evil if you will,

Kubikajiri Font

Kubikajiri is a scary, scratchy font, hand-made using India ink and a sharp, old-fashioned pen. You can use it for a variety of projects, like ads, posters and websites. Just be careful you don’t lose your head… Published by HanodedDownload

Umbilical Noose Font

Umbilical Noose is a rather scary typeface. It is quite similar to an older font of mine: Nyctophobia. The name comes from a Nirvana song called Heart Shaped Box, in which Kurt Cobain sings: “throw down your umbilical noose, so

Nightbird Font

Nightbird is a very detailed and scary brush font, made with ink, paint and stiff bristle brushes. It comes with an abundance of gore, decay and splatter. Nightbird is a rather heavy font, so be patient. Comes with all the

Face Your Fears Font

Face Your Fears was created using a brush, paint and ink and a lot of paper. Due to the horror-like nature of Face Your Fears, the font looks great on websites, games and – of course – halloween cards. It

Liquid Embrace Font

Liquid Embrace is a rough ‘n’ ready brush font. It was created using a Chinese calligraphy brush and Royal Blue Ink (I had run out of black…). Liquid Embrace is fat and in your face, making your message stand out

Dirrrty Font

The Three Degrees had a song called ‘Dirty Ol’ Man’; Christina Aguilera danced around to the tune of ‘Dirrrty’ and my three kids leave everything that way after they have finished their meals, so I guess I really had no

Movie Script Font

“Movie Script” is the script that was used in German movie-brochures. Those were small four page leaflets with a lot of sepia-colored pictures about the movie one was about to see. Today those things are collectors items. The script was

Stiltskin Font

Stiltskin is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Stiltskin

SteamCourt Font

A bit of background if you will: In early 2014, some friends from my college days banded together to form their own game company. Their first launch? A current Kickstarter they named SteamCourt. I love Kickstarter. It’s a fantastic platform,