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Laski Sans Font

In 2014 Paula Mastrangelo presented her first type family, Laski Slab. Over the last year, Ramiro Espinoza worked to expand the system and the outcome was Laski Sans, a refined humanistic sans addressing many of today’s design requirements, specifically optimized

Louise Font

Louise font was based on the art of Louise Marie (lou) Loeber, a Dutch painter. She was born in Amsterdam in 1894 and flirted with several styles like De Stijl, Cubism and Bauhaus. Her artworks are characterized by a sober

Blushes Font

Glitter, flashing cameras and fame – now you know how to deal with this stuff! Freshness and brightness is what defines the Blushes font family, which is created for beauty and fashion industries. Blushes is a vibrant part of you

Vtg Stencil Germany No 101 Font

Vtg Stencil Germany No. 101 is modeled after historic stencil plates from Bavaria. Published by astypeDownload Vtg Stencil Germany No 101

Clareza Font

Clareza means “Clarity” in Portugese. That was exactly the goal in creating this font. We managed to create a font that is crisp and extremely legible at all sizes but then comes to life in an interesting and unusual way

Bungehuis Font

Bungehuis font was modeled on the lettering found on an Amsterdam art deco building from 1931. This building on the Spuistraat, also called ‘Het Bungehuis’, used to house offices, but is now part of the University of Amsterdam. In 2015

1509 Leyden Font

This blackletter font was created inspired from the set who was used in Leyden by Jan Seversz to print “Breviores elegantioresque epistolae […]”, by author Francesco Filfelo, circa 1509. The original font contains all lower case characters, excepted w, eth,

Leighton Font

Designed by Paul Hickson, Leighton is a clean serif based on Lectura, a design by Dick Dooijes of the Amsterdam Foundry (1966). Published by Red RoosterDownload Leighton

Leuk Font

As a graphic designer, I know all too well designers are always looking out for that elusive font that is “normal” but has a slight uniqueness about it. This was my challenge in designing Leuk: to find a unique feature

TT Octas Font

TT Octas is a narrowly proportioned font family built upon the principle of octagonal forms: all circles in this font family are actually octagons. Thanks to small serifs, TT Octas has a saturated and vintage character to it. Simple depiction