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Black Cluster Font

First things first: I am really not a Star Trek fan. I did come up with this name, which I thought had a good ring to it. When I checked whether the name was already taken, I found out that

Kerberos Fang Font

A creepy, blood-splattered horror font, made entirely with brushes and ink. Ideal for websites and halloween. Published by HanodedDownload Kerberos Fang

Downward Fall Font

Downward Fall owes its name to one of my favorite Opeth songs, called The Funeral Portrait. The song itself is an uptempo metal composition with rather dark lyrics. This peculiar combination, a mix of good and evil if you will,

Umbilical Noose Font

Umbilical Noose is a rather scary typeface. It is quite similar to an older font of mine: Nyctophobia. The name comes from a Nirvana song called Heart Shaped Box, in which Kurt Cobain sings: “throw down your umbilical noose, so

Face Your Fears Font

Face Your Fears was created using a brush, paint and ink and a lot of paper. Due to the horror-like nature of Face Your Fears, the font looks great on websites, games and – of course – halloween cards. It

Liquid Embrace Font

Liquid Embrace is a rough ā€˜nā€™ ready brush font. It was created using a Chinese calligraphy brush and Royal Blue Ink (I had run out of black…). Liquid Embrace is fat and in your face, making your message stand out

Dirrrty Font

The Three Degrees had a song called ‘Dirty Ol’ Man’; Christina Aguilera danced around to the tune of ‘Dirrrty’ and my three kids leave everything that way after they have finished their meals, so I guess I really had no