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Island SVG Font

Island SVG Font. A high definition OpenType-SVG font. Contains uppercase characters, numerals and basic punctuation. (Draw height roughly 800 pixels). All letters and glyphs that comprises this font you can see on the preview. The font is a colour OpenType

Florentine Cursive Font

Florentine Cursive was designed by R.H. Middleton for Ludlow, circa 1956. Digitally engineered by Steve Jackaman. Published by Red RoosterDownload Florentine Cursive

Alys Font

Designed by A. Pat Hickson. An original design. A memorial typeface by Pat for her mother, Alys, who was tragically killed. Published by Red RoosterDownload Alys

Javelin Font

Designed by A. Pat Hickson, Javelin is a sport-like and retro font design. Published by Red RoosterDownload Javelin

Byron Font

Designed by A. Pat Hickson, Byron is a script font based on a turn of the century design. Published by Red RoosterDownload Byron

Morning News Font

“Morning News” is the sister font of “Evening News” which I designed some years ago for use with my local newspaper “Abendzeitung”. “Morning News” is an adaption, a little bit rounder, which gives the font a much softer touch. The

Movie Script Font

“Movie Script” is the script that was used in German movie-brochures. Those were small four page leaflets with a lot of sepia-colored pictures about the movie one was about to see. Today those things are collectors items. The script was

Filmotype Adonis Font

Filmotype Adonis is one of the earliest casual handwritten scripts that was introduced by Filmotype in the early 1950s. It perfectly captures the mid-century playfulness of hand lettering while providing comfortable readability. Filmotype Adonis was developed from the original font

Wagner Script Font

This gem of a script was what metal era typographers called a continental face, which essentially meant an old, most likely uncredited, metal face that was common to many European foundries. This particular one ran the rounds in the first

Polo Font

Polo is one of Ralph M. Unger’s great original designs, a very beautiful non-slanted script font, quite lively despite its upright characters. Polo is reminiscent of the wild brush typefaces of 1960s. Ralph M. Unger designed and digitized this font