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Citrus Gothic Font

Citrus Gothic is a hand drawn, distinct gothic sans font family featuring solid, texture, inline, rough, shadow, and italic styles. It’s design leans on the classic, condensed gothic appearance but adds flair with the irregular details and curled terminals. An

Pea Font

Taking an almost banal, ubiquitous letter shape – the geometric sans-serif – Pea gleefully plays with contradictions by rendering it using elaborate calligraphic swashes. Both worlds are given equal prominence, the overly ornate special occasion and the everyday. Published by

YWFT Crossover Font

YWFT Crossover is oh-so-aptly named, since it started as custom lettering for branding work, then crossed over into font format. It also is comprised entirely of crosses–so very meta. YWFT Crossover functions much like a bitmap font, but contains beautiful

YWFT OneCross Font

Comprised entirely of “plus signs” of varying weights, YWFT OneCross had its genesis in YWFT OverCross (2002). When it was reworked later that year in order to create a more integrated blend of positive and negative space, Over became One,

YWFT OverCross Font

YWFT OverCross originally started as a typeface design that set out to explore visual form while retaining legibility. At close range, YWFT OverCross is visually beautiful but rather unreadable. Take a step back, however, and it becomes completely legible, perfect

Davida Font

Designed by Louis Minott in 1965, Davida is a beautiful decorative font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian. Published by URW Type Foundry GmbHDownload Davida