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Sentir Du Soleil Font

Sentir Du Soleil is a retro font design published by ana yvy Published by ana & yvyDownload Sentir Du Soleil

Anything Goes Font

Anything Goes is a charming font with a quirky, hand-drawn style. It is perfect for logos, children's books, package design, typographic posters, etc. As the name says, Anything Goes! Published by Denise Chandler Download Anything Goes

Cut Along Font

I made Cut Along by stealing some red cardboard from my kids (red, because they didn’t have any black…) and cutting out the glyphs one by one with a pair of scissors. I then pasted the shapes onto white paper,

Hitchcut Font

Hichcut was inspired by Saul Bass’s designs for Vertigo and other Alfred Hitchcock movie posters – it’s a homage more than a slavish copy. For Hitchcut, I wanted to have that childlike, playful look and feel. It’s letter shapes are

Truant Font

Introducing: Truant! A charming font that conjures up memories of those long school days only survived by passing notes with your best friend. Truant comes with an alternate set of characters which helps give your projects a unique, hand-drawn look.

Highflier Font

Say hello to Highflier! A cheerful font with 4 overlays: Slice, Scribble, Shadow, and Block. Place them on top or underneath Highflier Regular to add a bit of style and fun to your design. Published by Denise Chandler Download Highflier

Snippity Snap Font

Snippity Snap is a font made up of glyphs I cut out from black paper with some household scissors, then pasted onto white paper. When I was cutting out the shapes, my children asked me what I was doing, and

Deviant Strain Font

This family of four conists of two versions of the same font, plus their obliques. The “version” fonts have the IDENTICAL kerning and spacing as found in the regular fonts, so it is easy to substitute characters from either version,