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Aceituna Font

Aceituna means ‘olive’ in Spanish. It comes from the Arabic Al-Zeitoun. I am multi-tasking today: finishing this font and thinking about what to cook for my family tonight (yes, I am the one who cooks!). We normally eat Asian food,

Betula Font

Betula is the scientific name for Birch – I probably don’t have to explain that birches are my favourite trees! They always look like the ghosts of the forest with their papery white bark and dark blotches. Betula is a

Leftover Crayon Font

My kids have a tin box filled with crayon and pencil leftovers: bits and pieces that have fallen or broken off, but are still good enough to use. For me it is a treasure trove, as I often find a

Midnight Chalker Font

Midnight Chalker is, well, a chalk(ish) font and it was (fro the greater part) created around the midnight hour. That’s usually when I get my inspiration. Midnight Chalker is a tall, eroded font – all caps, but the upper and

Pigeon Wing Font

Crayon fonts are fantastic! I’ve always thought it looked so cool with fonts that simulate writing with crayons…but the fonts has always been limited in letters! But that’s where my Pigeon Wing font stands out! Using the smart techniques of

Nouveau Crayon Font

Nouveau Crayon is based on Crayon Crumble, a font I made a long time ago. I changed a lot of glyphs and added a whole bunch of new ones. It has become quite a good looking font to be honest:

Crayon En Folie Font

Crayon En Folie (‘Pencil Madness’ in French) is a straightforward pencil font, created with an extra thick black pencil. Use it for books, posters and packaging. Comes with a coloring box full of diacritics. Published by HanodedDownload Crayon En Folie

Crayon Crumble Font

Crayon Crumble is exactly what it reads on the package: it was made using cheap crayons, since the cheapies crumble a lot. It is a fun, kiddie font, with a grown-up look to it. It has been used for packaging,

Drawzing Font

Drawzing is a font design published by Fonthead. Published by Fonthead Design Inc.Download Drawzing

Enviro (Antique) Font

Designed by Letraset Studio in 1982, Enviro is a quirky and faux distressed font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian. Published by URW Type Foundry GmbHDownload Enviro (Antique)