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Nadine Font

“Nadine” is a very elegant Script. I based the design on a set of initials that “Bernard Naudin” designed around 1920 for Deberny & Peignot. I gave the font a name “Nadine” because that sounds similar to Naudin. Naudin is

Konstantin Font

My son “Konstantin” wants to become a cook. So I thought it would be a nice idea if I designed a script for his fabulous future menus as a gift for him. I think he will become a great cook.

Konstantin Forte Font

My son “Konstantin” needs a bold face for his recipes as well. So I made “Konstantin Forte” for him and the rest of the world. Published by Wiescher DesignDownload Konstantin Forte

Fleurie Font

“Fleurie” is a small town in France on the high banks of the Beaujolais-area where they make excellent, fruity wine. Fleurie means flowery and that is what that village and this font is all about. The font is a very

Red Tape Font

Red Tape is three fonts that were designed by sticking letters together with red tape. It makes for a wonderful makeshift set of fonts. And I really enjoyed sticking those letters together. Of course I did it on screen using