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Geographica Hand Font

Geographica hand replicates the neat hand-lettering typical of engraved British maps of the 18th century, including the work of cartographers Emanuel Bowen (circa 1694–1767), geographer to king George ii, and Thomas Jefferys (circa 1719–1771) Geographica to King George iii. a

Geographica Script Font

Thank you for purchasing Geographica Script™, a member of the 3IP Type Library. We appreciate your business very much. Time-tested elegance is what you’ll get with Geographica Script, a handwritten typeface steeped in 18th century sophistication. Source materials include the

Bonnycastle Font

Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1791–1847) was an English officer and military engineer who served in the War of 1812 and ultimately settled in Canada. I stumbled upon copies of some of his charts and maps and became so infatuated with

Geographica Font

Geographica is a four-style serif text-type family modeled after the neat hand-lettered place names and peripheral text on the maps of Thomas Jefferys (ca. 1710–1771), the best-known map engraver in 18th-century England. Although he won (and hyped) the title “Geographer