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FloriGlyphos Font

Built from the petroglyphs found on the island of Santa Catarina – Brazil. With elemental geometric signs and figurative human representations. It is a printer with a decorative characteristics of Art Deco. Published by Cort9Download FloriGlyphos

Pixel Reto Font

Pixel Reto is a reinterpretation of one of Brazil’s most iconic form of graffiti, adapting its form and its decorational elements into the constraints of the pixel grid. The Pixel Reto family consists of 4 variants, built with the same

Madre Script Font

Madre Script is a typeface that experiences adopting two building models: the typographic (with repetition of shapes) and the script (with the freedom of writing). The models are presented in a subtle, unobtrusive way and mainly without conflicts. The essence

YWFT Duncan Font

Once again, the Brazilian type ninjas at PintassilgoPrints have slipped unseen into our mountain fortress and left behind a fierce 26-finger death punch. YWFT Duncan is the latest addition to our hand-drawn house of champions, but this one has the