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Dante Alighieri Font

From the great Schelter & Giesecke collection, Dante Alighieri is a splendid companion to Aldo Manuzio or any other Art Nouveau display font. With its rather condensed characters makes an ideal body text font even for narrow columns. Dante Alighieri

Carlsbad Font

The Carlsbad font family is a bringing together of Regina Cursiv and Hansa Cursiv which bothhad been released by H. Berthold Messinglinienfabrik und Schriftgiesserei around 1895.Both these beautiful Art Nouveau italic fonts come with the following swash alternatives: D, E,

Gmuender Kanzlei Font

Inspired by some handwritten letter forms, the drawings and designs finally became an entire font. It is an ideal companion to create diplomas, certificates and any other vintage projects. Take advantage of the long s which can be reached when

Aldo Manuzio Font

This 1897 Schelter & Giesecke in-house design was carefully redrawn, extended and redesigned for modern usage. It is a remarkable font for book covers, film and video titles, ads and much more. Published by RMU TypedesignDownload Aldo Manuzio

RMU Narziss Font

In 1921 the Klingspor foundry released Walter Tiemann’s‚ Narziss‘. This beautiful and elegant font was completely redrawn and redesigned and extended to cover major European languagesEast and West.The font contains also a ‚long s‘ and related useful ligatures which can

Parler Fraktur Font

Parler Gotisch has got a companion – Parler Fraktur. Friedrich Poppl’s beautiful and harmonious blackletter font was completely redrawn and redesigned for modern use. The font contains also a ‚long s‘ which can be reached either by the OpenType feature

Wieynck Gotisch Font

Wieynck Gotisch, a 1920s font family created by Heinrich Wieynch, was completely redrawnand redesigned for modern usage. Use this remarkable and eye-catching fonts in anappropriate context. Published by RMU TypedesignDownload Wieynck Gotisch