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Jacine Font

Jacine Family includes four handwritten fonts. In addition it includes very useful extra elements. Jacine Script and Jacine Script Inline are informal and youthful fonts with many stylistic variations, swashes and ligatures. Jacine Sans and Jacine Sans Inline add a

Valentia Font

Valentia is an elegant casual and readable font, this new script typeface is based on Copperplate style. Valentia has been drawn with spontaneous strokes and slightly contrasting thicknesses. The capital letters are full of expressiveness, with very dynamic “ductus” and

Stanffords Font

The early Twentieth Century was a golden age for cinema, and for the artists who lettered the iconic title sequences. Stanffords Family evokes the soul of this vintage brush lettering with a modern twist. Its main characteristics are bouncy baseline,

Decize Font

Decize font is a classic Didona typeface, characterized by extreme contrast in thick strokes and thin strokes, by the use of very short hairline serifs and by the vertical stress of the letters. This version designed by Carine de Wandeleer

Ritts Cursive Font

The most notable characteristic of this typeface is that it has a compact and regular shape that is slightly condensed but fluidly connected. Its glyphs emulate the look of handwritten, inked characters. Their exuberant graphic strokes and sharp edges maintain

Hotdogger Font

Hotdogger is a family of cursive brush fonts, presented in two weights and completed with a sans serif font and an useful pack of graphics to play with. These fonts are specially designed for packaging, labels, advertising posters, booklets, lettering