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Take Five Font

“Take Five” is a very jazzy typeface. It is more Swing than Bebop but it also evokes memories of the Cool Jazz era. Take Five can be used for jazzy covers or childrens birthdays as well as jumble sales leaflets.

YWFT Tapscott Font

YWFT Tapscott is an Opentype font named for Horace Tapscott, the great jazz pianist, composer and founder of the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. The font was inspired by Tapscott’s signature sound, with a tip of the Malo hat to the

YWFT Coltrane Font

Inspired not by John, but rather his wife Alice, YWFT Coltrane strives to achieve Universal Consciousness through the jump out of Detroit and the piano ladder up to the ashram. Go drop the needle on the record of the same

P22 Nudgewink Pro Font

Nudgewink is a funky, all caps typeface with a humorous retro 1960s attitude and a very bouncy baseline in three weights- regular, light and bold. The lower case contains a second set of differently designed caps that can be used