Tag: American West

Texas Hero Font

The first font to simulate actual old penmanship, Texas Hero is modeled chiefly on the handwritten script of Thomas J. Rusk—who served as commander of the Texas Army, chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court, and one of the state’s

Houston Pen Font

Houston Pen replicates the handwriting of Sam Houston, perhaps the most famous Texan, in letters dating from the 1830s to the late-1850s. Much like the man himself, Houston’s handwriting stood fairly large on the page and had a distinctive flourish

Lamar Pen Font

Lamar Pen gets its name from Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar, whose penmanship it’s modeled after. Lamar, born in Georgia in 1798, migrated in 1835 to Texas, where he supported—and the following year fought for—the then-Mexican province’s independence. He stuck around, too,