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African Elephant Trunk Font

Based on retro vinyl records in the early and middle of 20th century. This font include small capital for advanced typography. Published by Dharma TypeDownload African Elephant Trunk

Tavern Font

Tavern is a new font super family based on our Algerian Mesa design, with Tavern we’ve greatly expanded the usability by creating new light and bold weights. The addition of the bold weight made it possible to go further with

P22 Koch Nueland Font

Neuland has been used since its introduction in 1923 as a rugged type with more black space than almost any other BOLD font. The appeal of Neuland, however, is much more than just heavy ink coverage. It has stood the

P22 Woodcut Set Font

P22 Woodcut is a rough-hewn font similar in style and mood to our Vienna Black font. It was inspired by the woodcuts of Edvard Munch, Max Beckman, Ernest Ludwig Kirchner and other Expressionist artists of the “Blaue Rieter” and “Die

Neuerland Font

Neuerland is an attempt to update Rudolf Koch’s traditional hand-cut display typeface, adding ligatures and alternate characters inspired by the forms of Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase’s Avant Garde. Published by WordshapeDownload Neuerland

P22 Yule Font

P22 Yule is a family of display fonts inspired by a mélange of ancient inscriptional writing, with visual references to Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, medieval and even a bit of ancient Greek and roman letterforms. Yule is exotic yet familiar and evocative