• Includes alphanumerics, custom glyphs and alternate letterforms
• A fun and approachable hand crafted sans-serif
• Designed to be friendly and easy to read
• Includes 10 vector art Nincompoop heads
• Created with love and care by Glitschka Studios

Let the friendliness and quirkiness of your next design project shine.

Self-producing a comic for your buddies? Nincompoop’s got your back with its friendly tone and easy readability.

Hired to create some kids packaging? Nincompoop will grab kids attention and draw it into the package design like ants to Sugar Daddies.

Plus, what font would be complete without a set of heads? We’ve included some awesome looking heads (and a skull just cause) as special characters.

Did we mention this font was created by mad vector genius Von Glitschka? This font is like owning a little piece of Glitschka art you can call your own (and use on projects).

Grab it now for the special new release price of just $19!


Von Glitschka Nincompoop fontNincompoop was designed by award-winning illustrator, designer, teacher and author Von Glitschka. Until now this font was part of Von’s personal collection of resources. Now you can have this hand crafted typeface for your personal arsenal.


The Violent Fumes by Brian White of TriLion Studios

Nose Picker by Lenny Terenzi, owner of Hey Monkey Design

Published by RetroSupply Co.
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