Night Light – The Complete Neon Font Collection by Wingsart Studio

A specially created collection of seven neon inspired fonts giving designers the power to replicate traditionally hand-made lettering from the comfort of their own computer. Choose from the selection of script, sans serif and outline fonts to set your text, then apply our custom graphic styles for a life giving jolt of electricity!

A Realistic Neon Look with the EASE of Traditional Fonts

The appeal of neon lettering lives in it’s power to display a message in a functional, eye-catching and timelessly cool way. How many times have you stopped in the street to admire a bar sign or shop front blazing with neon colors? It’s aesthetic works equally well for a Hot Dog stand or high-end fashion brand, providing a tried and tested technique for grabbing customer attention.

I’ve designed these fonts to make the power of neon accessible to all, researching real neon signs, how they are made and paying attention to the human imperfections and inherent limitations (all of which makes them great). This research has been distilled into these essential styles; Script, Outline, Inline, Square and Compressed. These seven core fonts give designers a new opportunity to take advantage of realistic neon lettering in their print and online projects; perfect for music promotion, film titles, YouTube videos and gig posters. Ready to be moulded to any requirement, the power of neon is in your hands.


Night Light – The Complete Neon Font Collection:

• Outline
• Inline
• Square
• Compressed
• Script
• Script Two
• Script Three

Supplied as OTF, TTF, WOFF files with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and language support.

Neon Graphic Style Presets for:

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe After Effects

Realistic neon presets in a variety of colors. Instructional PDF included.

Published by Christopher King
Download Night Light