Faber Fraktur

A ”modern“ black-letter, so to speak.

Composed of a few basic elements with a wide-quill ductus.

Faber Fraktur was based on the idea that it must be possible to create a modern black-letter type. The typeface is ”constructed“ according to the same principles as a script without serifs: as few varied basic forms as possible, omission of frills which make the type difficult to read and repetition of similar forms.

The typical contrasting strokes of the original handwritten black-letter script are retained nonetheless. The elements of this typeface were even pre-formed with the quill.
All characters are reduced to their basic skeleton. The fanciness and manifold ”breaks“ or fractures typical of black-letter typefaces are considerably reduced to just a few essentials.

Faber Fraktur is a very legible type perfectly suitable for long texts. It does not appear nearly as foreign and archaic as the old black-letter fonts. The capital letters especially have a charm of their own radiating a kind of playfulness in spite of their severe form.

Published by ingoFonts
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