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Campuni is a sans-serif typeface that can be described as an “upright italic”: its letters are modeled on the handwritten forms of italics—but without the slant. This gives Campuni a contemporary, charming, and trustworthy character.

As with most modern sans-serif typefaces, Campuni’s design is based on low-contrast, almost monolinear strokes with a neat and clear appearance. This is where Campuni’s steep and tapered joints come in: with a bit of contrast, they provide the perfect foundation for a steady rhythm between characters—just like you’d find in meticulous handwriting. Careful spacing ensures that this rhythmic character is preserved on the page and on screen, making for a pleasant reading experience.

It’s not just the letterforms that gain from Campuni’s calligraphic heritage, though. This typeface is packed with calligraphy-style swash capitals and end swashes on lowercase letters, as well as discretionary ligatures. These are available via OpenType, allowing you to spice up your logo or headline with a hint of calligraphy in a breeze. Despite its flawless legibility in body text, Campuni is definitely eye-catching in display sizes. (Decrease letterspacing for some additional punch.)

Besides logo design, Campuni is a great choice for branding, advertising, packaging, corporate design, or even signage and wayfinding. The range of topics that Campuni excels in varies from food, leisure, retail, e-commerce, music, and travel to games, toys, childcare, and family-themed events.

Campuni has got an Extended Latin character set, seven sets of figures, case-sensitive forms, arrows, and a few other advanced typographic features—622 glyphs in total. Its eight weights span from Thin to Black.

Published by Identity Letters
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