Westpart was born from the previous three brush fonts: 1. Northen, 2. Easttalia & 3. Southen. This font is part of the 4 directions that cannot be separated. has a style brush that is very different from before. Because the Westpart has its own advantages. Westpart has a bonus splatter, ligature, and swash that has a very detailed brush effect.

In addition, Westpart is very supportive for the use of multilingual languages. Very support for 27 multilingual languages.

Don't forget that there are still many advantages to this Westpart, including:

– Simple installation
– Splatter & Swash [Included on Opentype Feature]
– Unicode PUA open (Insert character by Character Map)
– More than 400 glyphs included
– Support for any design software, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, in Design, and also like Word
– and many more the amazing advantages in Westpart

Published by Risman Ginarwan

Download Westpart