Everybody likes to have a picnic: some fresh fruits, cheese, ham, wine and so on. Like a “typographic picnic”, Typnic font system gather many fonts with different flavors too, and you can enjoy them mixed or on their own.

Typnic was drawn and calligraphed by hand, and is made with eighteen typefaces, including three totally compatible yet different styles. It also has enhancement sets containing labels, dingbats, patterns and ornaments.

The Headline style has six layered fonts that can be mixed in a wide variety of combinations to obtain powerful mastheads and headlines. It can be used to construct very nice advertising pieces.
If you need to write informal texts, then use Typnic Script which also comes in six variants, and additionally has a complementary font with tails, double letters and ornamented ascenders.
Finally, use Typnic Roman to add some secondary texts without loosing the general appearance of your work.

Typnic has a cool and natural feeling and could be used in all sorts of projects.
Typnic is a very ambitious project and we will be working on it to further expand the whole system.
Please check out our Typnic Headline Slab.

Published by Corradine Fonts

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