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Too Cool for School Font Trio

/ March 2, 2019

Too Cool for School Font Trio includes 3 fun hand-drawn fonts: PhysEd – a collegiate slab serif, Notemaker – a super useful sans, and Schoolhouse – a childlike block font with solid and outline versions. Published by Denise Chandler Download Too Cool for School Font Trio


/ November 10, 2018

 An entertaining typography, dense but at the same time very gestural, is a sans font, which contains different alternatives of letters, contains the alphabet Cyrillic, Dingbat, is special for children's titles. Published by RodrigoTypo Download Ding


/ November 8, 2018

Aceituna means ‘olive’ in Spanish. It comes from the Arabic Al-Zeitoun. I am multi-tasking today: finishing this font and thinking about what to cook for my family tonight (yes, I am the one who cooks!). We normally eat Asian food, but I was toying with the idea of serving something Mediterranean and realised we hadRead more


/ September 2, 2018

Bottomline has 6 different versions of each letter and a trunkful of international letters – and that goes for both Regular and Scribbled versions. This leaves your text with great diversity and a somewhat funky bounce. On top of all this, you get loads of extra international accented letters! Published by Download Bottomline


/ August 5, 2018

McCool is cool, this font plays hard! Layered with stripes, a think outlined font and a smaller thin font this family can be combined to make a crazy collection of looks. All fun, all inspired by our doodles we did in school while day dreaming, McCool deliveries nostalgia, playfulness and a child like creativity byRead more


/ June 23, 2018

Betula is the scientific name for Birch – I probably don’t have to explain that birches are my favourite trees! They always look like the ghosts of the forest with their papery white bark and dark blotches. Betula is a rough, crayon-like font. Very legible with a childlike appearance. Comes with a forest of diacritics.Read more

Ignore Me

/ May 1, 2018

Wacky, crazy and kooky is what we feel like when we use this font. If you’re looking for a fun and fancy font that screams over top, fantastic energy then look no further. If you want to make an impact or just want to look a bit fancy then look no further than this font!Read more

Leftover Crayon

/ April 17, 2018

My kids have a tin box filled with crayon and pencil leftovers: bits and pieces that have fallen or broken off, but are still good enough to use. For me it is a treasure trove, as I often find a nice bit of crayon to use for a new font. In this case, I createdRead more