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/ April 9, 2019

This extensive 60-font type family was inspired by the best (and worst) of 1970s science fiction TV shows and movies. Verbatim aims to extract the essence of futuristic type from that era, add a dash of modern style and conjure a cinematic typeface for the 21st century. From the extremes of the thin condensed, allRead more


/ March 30, 2019

As good as Nylon is, there’s nothing better than a nice woolly blanket. The smell and coarse, uneven texture are relaxing and feel reassuring. More comfortable. In a world where technology can reach millimetric precision, sometimes it’s good to connect with the imperfect and controlled impurity that is nature. Font design in particular has maturedRead more


/ March 26, 2019

Talked about dynamic, elegant, strength and power. Loka is geometric slab serif with semi-humanist touch. Letter K, Y, a, g, k and y has alternates glyphs in stylistic set. Compressed to UltraExpanded with oblique and italics in the same families, this typeface ready for every tracks. Published by LochTypo Download Loka


/ March 13, 2019

Kiperman is a text typeface designed in honor of Henrique Leão Kiperman, founder of the publishing house Artmed, now Grupo A. Its forms are simple and straightforward, with no unnecessary embellishments that could disturb the reading. The fonts are slightly narrower than normal, which yields higher efficiency without compromising reading comfort. Besides that, its italicsRead more