Fonts tagged as: calligraphy font

When Night Comes Font Collection

/ November 25, 2018

When Night Comes is an esoteric, hand lettered font collection featuring an old soul typewriter styled serif font, a free spirited signature styled script font, over 20 dreamy illustrations, 6 logo templates, and an infinite amount of styling opportunities! When Night Comes & Lunar Alchemy both pair beautifully with many fonts and can be usedRead more

Molandika Script

/ November 11, 2018

Molandika Script is elegant calligraphy font, designed to convey elegance and style. It is slender, feminine and friendly, This font is casual and pretty with swashes. Can used for various purposes. such as logo, product packaging, wedding invitations, branding, headlines, signage, labels, signature, book covers, posters, quotes and more. Molandika Script Script features OpenType stylisticRead more

Piñata Font Bundle (106 Fonts)

/ October 27, 2018

We present our Piñata font bundle which includes all your favorite fonts and consists of a total of 106 fonts. The value of this bundle is $629. On the occasion of summer, we give an unprecedented 95% discount and you have the opportunity to buy 106 FONTS for only $29. So why exactly the bundleRead more

Peach Babe

/ October 13, 2018

Peach Babe is a stylish, free-spirited, hand lettered brush script font featuring a beautiful, subtle brush texture and an infinite amount of styling opportunities! Peach Babe was created to look as close to authentic hand lettering as possible. Not only will you find an array of stylized ligatures/alternates, but you’ll have so much fun mixingRead more