Stickers and Label pack, over 500 premade stickers and labels

Organize with label and stickers, just choose from a massive range, pick a colour and print! Pack includes labels for;

• Moving Home or organizing household goods, food and drink
• Business owners, give feedback, label important documents and postal items
• For charities to organize items, marketing materials or if you sorting out items to give away
• Education, a full range of a-z. 0-9 labels, organize equipment, print off names of all sorts of subjects and give feedback, name tags
• Game, film and music fanatic? Over 200 labels to keep them all together from genres to equipment

If you love to organize, pick, sort, color code, namely anything then these 8 sticker and label packs will make you giddy with choice. Pre-made labels for sorting out your music, game, movie, home, organizing food. Use our range to also help the kids with spelling, encouragement and education. There are so many to choose from you won’t know what to print and label first!

Published by Graphics Bam

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