This bundle is consisted of popsky regular font (.otf format like most other fonts here) and popsky multicolor vector font (.ai and .eps format).

-Popsky Regular Font is a classic installable font (.otf format). It has no multicolor letters, and you can use it for typing text (in Microsoft Word i.e)

-Popsky Multicolor Vector Font has multicolor letters and it is delivered in vector format (.ai and .eps)

-Vector fonts are used in software for editing vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator i.e) and you can't use vector font for typing text (like in Microsoft Word i.e).

Meet Popsky, a font which has optimism and motivation incorporated in its design!

Made solely out of basic geometry shapes, it is “constructivism wearing sunglasses”! 😉

I am proud it is included in “The best commercial typefaces of 2016” list, curated by legendary Luc Devroye.

Each letter is carefully crafted, optically adjusted and balanced, following professional typography rules. Popsky is designed with quality user experience in mind, letting you easily bring its vivid character and positive energy along, wherever you use it.

It's greatly accepted by some of the leading designers and typographers who already use it in their projects. “What a breath of fresh air!” and “One of the hottest thing on font market recently!” are some of the comments that I've received so far.

You can simply type text using regular font version (.otf) or use multicolor vector font in your favorite vector editing software.

Each glyph is unique graphic artwork itself.

An injection of positive energy to your design.

Two stylistic sets (with/without crossing line), two figure sets, punctuation, accented characters.

Published by Igor Petrovic

Download Popsky Font Bundle