Luna Wilde

/ February 19, 2019

Luna Wilde is a beautiful, hand lettered brush script font with a free-spirited flow and an infinite amount of styling opportunities! Not only will you find an array of stylized ligatures / alternate letters, but you’ll have so much fun mixing and matching the upper and lowercase letters to give each word a truly personalized feel.

Luna Wilde pairs beautifully with many fonts and can be used in a variety of different scenarios! Perfect for many design projects such as logo design, branding, blog graphics, stylizing quotes, wedding stationery, art prints, collateral design, packaging, social media, and so on. I’ve truly enjoyed the process of creating this font and hope that it will bring some magic into your projects!

✧ Luna Wilde Brush Script Font – A hand lettered brush script font containing upper & lowercase characters, numbers, symbols, punctuation, and 34 styled ligatures/alternate letters.

Please note: The textures, gold foil, and botanical illustrations used in the listing images were used for display purposes only and are not included in the purchase.

Published by Mel Volkman

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Cinnamon Peach

/ February 19, 2019

Cinnamon Peach is beauty combinations of layered font. It has a Serif and Script style inside. Both of them are layered font, which is you can express the style on both of it. You can add shadow, inline or hatch on Serif style. Changing the color of the other layer as just easy as change standard color of the fonts but it’s more deep in detail.

On the Script style, I give you more freedom of choosing which style do you want, if you want a deep style of layer, you can choose regular and inside with different color. but if you want the outline style, it also available as a single fonts.

Looks like on the display that I Created, You can see the most of combinations font in there are perfectly matched even on script version doesn’t include the Uppercase character. Because of the strong characteristic of this fonts you can see the combinations are great with or without layer, monochrome or multi color, pastel or watercolor. It’s great for posters, display, logos, header website, magazine, animation text, etc.

Published by Abbasy Studio

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Hops and Barley

/ February 19, 2019

Hops And Barley is a vintage font collection.

Hops And Barley includes following:
• 6 fonts – a textured and clean version of each
• Catchwords, textured and clean version
• Ornaments, textured and clean version

Hops And Barleys’ core is four font styles. Fonts are designed in the same proportions and they have the same soft edges so that they work great together. Here’s a short introduction to the fonts

• Hops And Barley 1 – A Connected Script with Contextual, Swash, Stylistic and Titling Alternates
• Hops And Barley 1b – A Bold version of Script
• Hops And Barley 2 – A Serif vernacular Swash, Stylistic and Titling Alternates
• Hops And Barley 3 – A sturdy Sans Serif with a wide character.
• Hops And Barley 3b – A Bold version of Sans Serif
• Hops And Barley 4 – A Condensed Sans Serif
• Hops And Barley 5 – A set of 61 Catchwords
• Hops And Barley 6 – A set of 71 Pictograms

Hops and Barley fonts have rugged outline and eroded texture inside the letters. Hops And Barley C stands for Clean – they are an identical set of the styles but they come with straight and clean outlines and softened edges.

Hops and Barley fonts work great together or on their own. They’re a fantastic choice for any display use and when paired they can cover the whole display part in any project from website to packaging and from poster to logo.

Published by Emil Bertell

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/ February 18, 2019

Tans originated in the idea of creating a modern, clear sans-serif with a friendly flair. The design then drove into a more heavy and edgy direction for the bolder weights.

Tans is used best in small to medium sizes, in body copy or bold captions — it's 7 weights allow for great contrast and clear hierarchies. The extensive OpenType LatinPro character set allows multilingual type setting and the various OpenType features along with the set of arrows and circled numbers are suited perfectly for editorial use. Two stylistic sets let you switch between alternate characters and easily access special glyphs.

Published by Fabian Dornhecker

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