/ December 5, 2019

Bonega is a display font inspired by classic typography on ancient stone inscriptions. With sharp and manly characteristics, the Bonega family is suitable for powerful headlines, logotypes, beautiful signs, posters and more. Contains more than 400 glyphs including stylistic sets that make your typographic design more attractive.

Published by Locomotype

Download Bonega

Coral Blush Font Duo

/ December 5, 2019

Explore a stunning typography pairing with Coral Blush; a carefully crafted and perfectly balanced set of elegant serif and realistic script typefaces. Also included are 9 subtle paper textures, allowing you to jump right in and create stunning designs within minutes.

Here’s what’s included;

Coral Blush Serif • An all-caps Serif font containing uppercase, all punctuation & numerals.

Coral Blush Script • A thin and realistic textured handwriting font, hand-drawn with a real fine-tip pen. Contains, lowercase, uppercase, all punctuation & numerals. Also includes 88 built-in ligatures.

Coral Blush Script Alt • This is a second version of Montrose Script, with a completely new set of upper & lowercase characters.

9 Paper Textures • 9 high quality, subtle paper textures for use in your projects. Provided in .JPG image formats, size A4 at 300dpi.

88 Script Ligatures • Coral Blush Script fonts contain 88 ligatures (double letter glyphs) to help your text flow more naturally and recreate authentic, handwritten text. Many programs will automatically have this feature switched on for you, but if you need any help accessing them, please feel free to drop me a message.

Language Support; English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Malay, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, Slovenian

Published by Set Sail Studios

Download Coral Blush Font Duo

Nuber Next

/ December 4, 2019

Nuber Next is a modern geometric sans influenced by the popular neo-grotesques of the 1950s including Helvetica and Univers. Carefully remastered from the original Nuber type family to improve letter shape, overall uniformity and introduce a flexible width system capable of handling a wider variety of modern typographic methods. Details include 573 characters, nine weights, five widths with matching italics, alternative uppercase R, alternative lowercase a, e, g, i and y. Opentype features include five variations of numerals, numerators, denominators, fractions and language support covering Western, South and Central Europe.

Published by The Northern Block

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/ December 4, 2019

Fulgora is a sort of ‘calligraphic typography’ or ‘typographic calligraphy’, depending on the point of view.

Inspired by late-medieval Bâtarde and Civilité blackletter styles, the Kannada and Sinhala writing systems from Southern India, Celtic uncials, and diverse vernacular Mexican scripts, Fulgora was created straight from pen on paper as a personal calligraphic style where fantasy in the chief ingredient. The idea to take it to the digital realm came later, as an extension of the creative process.

To this end, originals for each character were made, directly traced with the nib with no retouching, then vectorized to be digitally assembled. Work has been done on spacing and kerning with the aim to digitally reproduce an utterly calligraphic outcome keeping the natural, imperfect, manual finish of all signs.

Fulgora has two variants: Blanca (white) and Negra (black), executed with different nib widths but the same style and proportions.

Published by Sudtipos

Download Fulgora

Closer Text

/ December 4, 2019

Closer Text is a narrower, more compact version of previously released Closer.

Closer Text is a highly customizable Swiss grotesque with overclosed aperture. Featuring some humanistic shapes, Closer Text feels less bland though still relatively neutral.

Closer Text comes in 9 weights (18 styles altogether), features extensive language support including Cyrillic and is highly customizable with 7 stylistic sets to mix and match.

Published by Mint Type

Download Closer Text

Tafel Sans Pro

/ December 3, 2019

Tafel is Sudtipos’ contemporary take on early- to mid-century geometric fonts; it has the intrinsic qualities of a geometric without following the strict rules they customarily employ. Tafel is notable for its versatility as it works well in both small and display sizes; its sophisticated elegance and refined simplicity make it ideal for corporate identities, street signage, fashion brands, luxury packaging and much more.

From Thin to Black, Tafel is comprised of 8 weights, 3 sets of Small Caps with different x-heights (Big Caps, Small Caps and Petite Caps), many alternative glyphs and a complete range of figures including old-style figures with matching italics. The extended character set supports Central, Western and Eastern European languages.

Published by Sudtipos

Download Tafel Sans Pro

Tropical Paradise – Font Duo

/ December 3, 2019

Tropical Paradise – Font Duo is a beautiful combination of natural handwritten fonts Autograph and modern serif Weist Havanah. This combo will give you more choices to make stunning, chill and relax vibe design.

Weist Havanah ( – a modern sefif, display typeface with beautiful uppercase lettering and a touch of fashionable look. On the other hand, Autograph ( is a signature handwritten typeface with organic script inspired by our own handwritting. The font brings the original, natural and rough touch like your true hand-write. The duo’s perfectly suitable for creating nice, fashionable, lifestyle design such as logos, packaging, hand-written vibe design, wedding paper and many more.

Published by Harmonais Visual

Download Tropical Paradise – Font Duo