Remember when you first saw the credits of a Woody Allen movie and thought, “I love that typeface!” Well, maybe that was just us. That typeface—Windsor (specifically Windsor Light Condensed)—is a classic. But it has problems. The letterforms are sometimes REALLY wonky. And the ampersand is a tragedy. Plus, there's no italic, and the weights and widths available in digital form are a hodgepodge.

That's where Mrs. Keppel comes in. Alice Keppel, one of the most famous illegitimate members of the Windsor household ever, lends her name to this typeface family with numerous weights and a true italic. It's a slim serif with Edwardian leanings. She's approachable, she's refined. She's equally charming and at home in mercantile settings, in elegant settings, in populist settings, and in Polite Society.

She's a design response to a genuine need. She's Mrs Keppel!

Published by The Ampersand Forest

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