Hua type family is a sans-serif with very humanist details to represent the essence of nature. It features 14 weights from the very thin to the very bold, generously covering a wide range of the natural spectrum. Aiming to represent the soft and elegant side of nature, Hua features very unique italics that have their own take on the identity. The letterforms of the italic fonts are inspired by the lineage of both traditional calligraphic approaches for serifs and much simpler forms for sans-serifs.

Hua provides very crisp performances on screens and its large x-height combined with fine-tuned proportions help it retain legibility very well on smaller sizes.

• Support for 200+ Latin languages
• Double & single story “a” & “g”
• Unique italic letterforms
• Low contrast with unique details
• Small caps with symbols
• Arbitrary and defined fractions
• Support for superscript & subscript in normal & scientific alignments
• Proportional lining, proportional old-style, tabular lining, tabular old-style

Published by Yuexin

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