“Luxury in simplicity”.

A Family of Luxury Fonts called Fulgate. A Hype of summer themed bring us to expressing a thirsty of creating a product that can help you to choosing a fonts to your creations. Like as we are on the preview above, how the fonts can “stands” within your design. Since Fulgate are created on a 6 weight from Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold. You won’t be worried which one to fit to your creative design. Also, You can Mix it up all of it without worrying design collision.

Fulgate also comes with opentype features. The one was stand out was Capital Swash, it’s replacing the First letter that typed on Capital. even if you are type with all caps, it still stand out. If you think that all caps are not quite fit, write on with lowercase and turn on the features of Small Caps, a shape of capital but with lower heights. Lowercase also have a few make up with Alternate Characters, just to be noted, not all lowercase characters have an alternates, to keep a luxury feel and avoiding messy. The last are a feature on the numerical, Ordinals, Subscript, Superscript, and Fraction.

Published by Flavor Type

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