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URW Slab Serif Collection

/ February 4, 2015

The URW++ Slab Serif Collection contains all of the muscle and masculinity of URW++’s finest Slabs, lined up in their boots and spurs, ready to take on all comers. These OpenType killers include various options like stylistic alternates, and make for quite the majestic collection of design power. This is a rare opportunity to buyRead more

Hand Drawn Type Collection

/ January 29, 2015

This collection brings you our Top Twelve hand drawn fonts in one breathtaking package, and saves you over $100 in the process. Each font in this collection is based on original hand drawn alphabet designs, and covers styles ranging through serifs, scripts, sans, and graffiti. Get your Wes Anderson sweater on and take a rideRead more

Top Fonts of 2012

/ December 24, 2014

The Top Fonts of 2012 collection takes 31% off the regular prices of a diverse collection of 53 font files. These were unbelievable sellers for us in 2012, and again a wide variety of styles is represented. If you need some serious typeface power, don’t miss this annual discount! Fonts Included (53 Font Files): FrontageRead more

Two Fingers

/ December 13, 2014

Two Fingers is a collection of handwritten fonts. The idea was to create a family of handwritten fonts that can work very well together. All the letters where imported in Glyphsapp that permits to create new styles like “Rough” or “Jeans”. A real font family needs some text version, and that’s why we created theRead more

Aerotype Vintage Wood Type Classics

/ October 23, 2014

Three vintage wood type families Applewood, Bootstrap and Buckboard bundled together for one classic price. With its distinctive imperfections and old fashioned sensibility, Applewood imparts a unique flavor to your project. The Applewood family uses OpenType features to substitute a unique pairing of characters when any upper or lower case letter is keyed twice inRead more

P22 Arts & Crafts Font Pack

/ August 18, 2014

16 fonts based upon lettering and type styles from the Arts and Crafts movements of England and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Craftsmen-Artists such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Dard Hunter, Maxfield Parrish and William Morris integrated lettering into their own unique arts but all share the Arts and CraftsRead more

Official Classic Collection

/ July 10, 2014

The Official Classic Collection is the first font and stock vector mix collection on YouWorkForThem. It contains 18 separate opentype font files and 100 different stock vector files. Discounted at an astonishing 40% off the retail price, this collection is a must have for any serious graphic designer. Published by Official Classic. Download Official ClassicRead more

Sudtipos Slab Serif Collection

/ May 14, 2014

The Sudtipos Slab Serif Collection contains three of Sudtipos's latest slab designs at a discount of 20% off. From the fashionable Inlove, to the curvaceous Hernandez, with also the super bold Rita fonts, this collection is a powerful asset to any graphic designer. Each font is developed in opentype and includes various options like stylisticRead more

PAG Collection

/ April 16, 2014

The PAG Collection is the first of its kind, containing 25 beautiful and diverse retro styled fonts by the Japanese font designer, Ryoichi Tsunekawa. Discounted at an astonishing 50% off the retail price, this collection is a must have for any serious graphic designer. The PAG fonts follow a common theme of type inspired fromRead more

Suprb Type Collection

/ March 20, 2014

This collection of fonts covers many areas of type design; clean sans-serif designs, fashionable thin weights, heavy slabs and abstract pattern making fonts. Designed by the prestigious and creative design studio Suprb. Includes: Capset, Myld, Wyld, ASCA-D, ASCA, CLOUD.DOT.TWO, Quick 16, Quart, Swem. Published by Suprb. Download Suprb Type Collection