Fonts in: Stencil

Biwa Stencil Display

/ February 18, 2019

Biwa Stencil Display is designed for large display work—each weight includes 3 variations with different corner radii. The High version has tight corner radii, the Mid version has medium-sized radii, and the Low version is more round. Each is ideal for type at different scales & treatments. Biwa Stencil Display supports a wide variety ofRead more

Didonesque Stencil

/ February 7, 2019

Less is More. This stencilled version takes away some of Didonesque’s structure, while adding another level of distinguished style and supreme elegance. The “Elegante” fonts epitomise the style required for high-end fashion and beauty applications with their crisp curves combined with tapered serifs and terminals, instantly creating a polished and fashionable aesthetic. Didonesque Stencil wasRead more

Panfleta Stencil

/ February 3, 2019

Panfleta Stencil is a rounded typography sans serif, template style with geo-grotesque modulation, condensed, with short descending and ascending above the height of capitals and a high height of the x to compose very legible texts in small sizes. The round finish of the corners bring personality and warmth to the pure geometric development ofRead more


/ December 14, 2018

ULTRAVOG is an elegant majuscule stencil serif font inspired by classic antique fonts. It perfectly represents modern and vintage esthetics. Also both caps can be used as standalone fonts The font is perfect for elegant invitation cards, beauty and fashion package design, very suitable for books design, magazines typography, packaging, branding and more other creativeRead more


/ December 12, 2018

Kapital is an elegant, geometric uppercase sans. It is available in standard and stencil style across four weights – light | regular | medium | demi – covering 346 glyphs. It is based on the capital character set from a previous release – Basik. Continuing the clean, geometric aesthetics, Kapital was refined further to createRead more

Joane Stencil

/ November 26, 2018

Joane Stencil is Joane's fearless sequel. Mixes the elegancy of French didones, calligraphic endings, glyphic serifs and the split of the Stencil is treated very carefully. Thus its features convey a warm unique style. Moreover, it has powerful OpenType features for each style, including stylistic sets, extended language support, beautiful ligatures, contextual alternates, lining figures,Read more


/ October 9, 2018

Brutto typeface is based on sans serif. It supports all european languages + basic cyrillic. This font has 3 styles which are better to mix together: • Stensil is regular • Half has main details for each symbol • Third is for tiny accents Published by Etewut Foundry Download Brutto

Monty Stencil

/ August 20, 2018

Monty Stencil is a new font family characterized as grotesque sans serif. The dynamics of the stencil letters G, K and A adds an additional sharpening and a heavy rounded softness to all of scripture and provide extra versatility, which makes Monty an excellent tool for a variety of purposes, from signage, posters, posters forRead more