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/ October 25, 2020

The late-19th-century Prussian-American printer and publisher Louis Prang, the “father of the American Christmas card”, was well-known for his efforts to improve art education in the United States. He published many instructional books and even founded a training school for art teachers. One of the books he published included a series of alphabets for signRead more

MADE Mirage

/ October 25, 2020

MADE Mirage is a modern elegant serif font family. MADE Mirage will perfect for many project: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, invitations, wedding invitation, quotes, blog header, poster, advertisements, postcard, book, websites, etc. Published by MadeType Download MADE Mirage

Black Cat Whiskers

/ October 16, 2020

Black Cat Whiskers is a fun and Halloween styled serif. Fully hand-lettered to achieve very organic textures. Black Cat Whiskers is including big and small capital letters and a few symbols. Combine letters to create typographic book covers, package, stationery, posters, social media project, t-shirt, mugs, logos, branding, and anything. WHAT YOU GET: – BlackRead more

Belgravia Terrace

/ October 15, 2020

Belgravia Terrace Font Duo is a modern serif font with perfect script pair. These are ideal for fashion, blog website, instagram, branding, invitations, business cards, weddings and many more. Script version also includes alternate characters for both UPPERCASE AND LOWERCASE letters, ligatures and stylistic alternates for different styles. Published by Ivan Rosenberg Download Belgravia Terrace

Artifex CF

/ October 14, 2020

Artifex CF is a text-friendly serif, designed to be easy on the eyes and melt into the page (or screen). Gentle, subtle serifs aid the flow of reading without being ornate or stiff, while a near-upright italic design adds emphasis without distraction. Though created for text, Artifex can double as a handsome display typeface, withRead more

Ancient Zurich

/ October 13, 2020

Ancient Zurich is Elegant serif style typeface, this font is ideal for those big bold headings or wedding invitations. It's got hundreds of characters and ligatures plus all those European letters! Ancient Zurich pairs perfectly with a light scripts font or minimal sans serif. Published by Dirtyline Studio Download Ancient Zurich


/ October 13, 2020

Angustina is an elegant display typeface, it takes inspiration from classic letter styles. The typeface is named after reading the classic Italian novel “The Tartar Steppe”. I was inspired by the sickly, stoic and mysterious man who differs for his willingness to stay at Fort Bastiani. Angustina conveys distress and stinging sensation with extreme contrastsRead more


/ October 12, 2020

Type designer Sergio Leiva delivers another highly inspired text typeface that honours both, nature and type tradition. Radiata looks strong on its structure yet delicate on its terminals and serifs, and bring a sense of modern rationality to the composition because its proportions and vertical stress at the time that flourishes organically and full ofRead more


/ October 11, 2020

Quador is a squarish serif, especially designed for contemporary typography on print and screen. The superellipse-based forms and high x-height allow large and open letterforms, perfectly adapted to the pixel grid on screen. With rounded serifs Quador provides a soft and friendly atmosphere. The font contains 6 weights from light to ultrabold plus true italics.Read more


/ October 10, 2020

Musical notes and letterforms, silences and white spaces, pentagrams and lines, music and writing have much in common and go beyond time, cultures, styles and locations. This new typeface emerges from the blend between the lyrics and the harmony, rhythm, femininity and luminosity of the traditional musical forms. It`s not about blues or rock, tangoRead more