Fonts in: Sans Serif


/ May 27, 2020

Bosnia – Sans Serif font | 2 styles Bosnia is wide, thin font with 2 styles and multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. Bosnia is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, magazine headers – or simply as a stylish text overlay to any backgroundRead more


/ May 26, 2020

Halvar, a German engineered type system that extends to extremes. With bulky proportions and constructed forms, Halvar is a pragmatic grotesk with the raw charm of an engineer. A type system ready to explore, Halvar has 81 styles, wide to condensed, hairline to black, roman to oblique and then to superslanted, structured into three subfamilies:Read more


/ May 26, 2020

Semi-serif? Semi-sans? Emerging from the hazy border that divides Sans from Serif, Integra aims to integrate both styles in a cool, elegant, contemporary fashion. With its sleek anatomy, flared terminals and almost non-existent straight lines, Integra was inspired by the stressed, modulated, unserifed letterforms incised in the early 15th-century ledger tombs at Santa Croce churchRead more

Hot Peach

/ May 25, 2020

Hot Peach is 1970-1980's inspired decorative sans serif display typeface that just really wants to be shown off at large scale so that we can see the detail. The typeface includes upper and lowercase glyphs with balanced curves and halftone paths. It works perfectly for headlines, logos, posters, packaging, T-Shirts, postcards and more. Published byRead more


/ May 24, 2020

Metafora Sans is a contemporary display family with multifunctional workhorse designed to work best in any printed and on screen contexts, including logo design, brand identities, websites, packaging, poster and headline. The Typeface come in 13 weights, with Upright and Oblique each, for a total of 26 styles. Published by Dirtyline Studio Download METAFORA


/ May 22, 2020

A modern squarish sans inspired by machine-readable typefaces of the 1950s, including OCR-A and B. Smooth curved contours with a humanist touch sit in harmony alongside pure straight lines. Contrasting shapes create a modern aesthetic pleasing to the eye and pixel perfect execution for modern-day scenarios. Details include seven weights with matching italics, six variableRead more

Cocogoose Classic

/ May 22, 2020

Created as a display typeface in 2012 by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Cocogoose is one of Zetafonts most loved typefaces. A sans serif typeface of geometric proportions, with very low contrast and slightly rounded corners, it was the first typeface to be produced in the Coco series, an ongoing research on the design variation in gothicRead more


/ May 21, 2020

Toska is a geometric sans serif font. This font has a strong but friendly impression because the rounded corners make the eyes feel comfortable. Suitable for headings, poster titles, logotypes, signage, packaging and Toska can even be used for interesting paragraphs. Comes in eight weights, each weight having an italic version so you are freeRead more

Helios Antique and Stencil

/ May 20, 2020

Helios Antique & Helios Stencil Helios type family is the result of a mixture between the early sans serif and the modern trends of our era. Its rational structure is subtly wider than the majority of the first sans, generating a higher impact in its uses. All the typeface terminals are more open in orderRead more


/ May 18, 2020

Ruddy is a display sans serif type family. It has a playful and mischievous presence. Exaggerated geometry and varied vertical character stem placement contribute to its animated appearance. Ruddy comes in 4 weights with matching italics. OpenType features include Contextual Alternates, Tabular Figures, Fractions, Numerators and Denominators. Published by The Northern Block Download Ruddy