Fonts in: Sans Serif


/ April 15, 2021

Causten is a geometric sans serif font family that maintains rationality in designing each form. With use the sharpness of the eyes, and remain logical, so that balance is maintained in each form. So, it will get a clean, neat, and perfect shape. Causten comes with 9 weights and matching oblique, making it 18 styles.Read more

S6 Sans

/ April 14, 2021

S6 sans is a contemporary neo-grotesque sans serif typeface with strong stylistic geometric contrasts. Its distinctive wide-open stance was designed to give the right visual consistency for branding and communications. S6 Sans is perfectly suited for headlines, large-format prints, brand identities, social media, advertising, editorial design, posters, magazines, logos, headings, and more. The S6 Sans family includesRead more


/ April 14, 2021

Inge is a tight display font with a strong sense of rhythm and a very solid texture. The narrow shapes on it make Inge very suitable to be used on large scales, creating robust solid text blocks. The side-to-side movement are a hint that something is accelerating, without losing strength and control. It is aRead more


/ April 14, 2021

Mondish is an elegant sans serif family that comes in five weights with matching Italics. Commonly recognized as fashionable font by its design and main purpose, Mondish is actually much more than that. Characteristic by high contrasted stems, gentle calligraphic endings of lowercase letters, slightly condensed Italics and slanted letter axis through the entire family,Read more


/ April 12, 2021

The Cannon family is the result of combining the clean aesthetics from a classic sans neo-grotesque with a touch of a geometric design. The result is a simple but dynamic typeface with retro and technological airs. Cannon is ideal for robust advertising, bold brand identities and packaging, also suitable for high impact headlines and shortRead more


/ April 11, 2021

Griftone is a strong and modernist display typeface designed for use in large size. Inspired by style design that is a currently popular. Griftone have some letters and ligatures with an alternative style to facilitate you in determining the letter that fits your design. Griftone is perfect use for headlines, poster, cover books, t-shirt, logotypeRead more


/ April 11, 2021

This lofty font features a compact structure as well as a unique combination of rounded corners and square contours. The collection includes six styles: Extra Light, Light, and Semi Light that will ensure elegance; Regular, Medium, and Bold suitable for a solid design. It’s an ideal option for outstanding corporate images, logos, promos, or videoRead more

Tel Aviv

/ April 10, 2021

Tel Aviv, Display San-serif typeface, 2 Widths, 4&5 Weights. Structured Shapes with familiar look, yet unique! Can be used for wide range of uses, also function well as short text. Published by Yinon Ezra Download Tel Aviv


/ April 6, 2021

Frederik is a traditional humanist sans with a modern twist. Fresh and neutral in appearance but equally organic and friendly. Frederik features 10 styles ranging from Thin to Black, plus matching italics. Regular and Medium weights work exceptionally well for small body copy, while Light and Heavy styles work best for display purposes — makingRead more

TG Frekuent Mono

/ April 5, 2021

TG Frekuent Mono is a new modern geometric sans serif with a monospaced style. TG Frekuent Mono has several styles from ultra-light to extra-bold and one variable font. TG Frekuent Mono designed with a high precision thus making this typeface is very structured and has a modern feel. And this typeface has several stylistic alternatesRead more