Fonts in: Sans Serif

HK Gothic No. 2

/ March 28, 2020

HK Gothic No. 2 is inspired by the early American Gothic typefaces with a twist. Published by Hanken Design Co. Download HK Gothic No. 2


/ March 27, 2020

Guerrer is modern sans serif family of 20 fonts, 10 weights from thin to black, consists of uprights and matching italics (obliques). It has 300+ glyphs which covers major western languages and has some features, such as fractions, ligatures, alternates, mixed case (unicase) stylistic set, tabular & proportional lining, etc. The mixed case (unicase) featureRead more


/ March 25, 2020

Graúna is Typeóca’s first ‘serious typeface’. The idea was to produce a revival of Block Heavy, removing the ‘rough’ texture from its outline. Though other revivals existed, most of them approached the Block family as a whole, leaving aside the idiosyncrasies that make the Heavy weight so unique. In the early stages of its development,Read more


/ March 23, 2020

Captura is a friendly, geometric, sans-serif typeface family reduced to the essential attributes. It was designed by Anita Jürgeleit. It underlines your design, whether it is based on an eccentric or discreet characteristic. Headlines are looking great and text content remains legible with this workhorse font family. Six basic styles, small caps, and an expandedRead more


/ March 23, 2020

Blimone Inspired from modern art, beautiful Art Nouveau styled and pop culture, Blimone approach with geometric shapes and dynamic humanist blends several calligraphic concepts to create a modernist style but with a strong and unique look. The subfamily Blimone ink-traps and the italic characters to appear monumentally “Sharp” in large sizes and jaggedly imperfect inRead more


/ March 21, 2020

Klein is Zetafonts love letter to the grandmother of all geometric sans typefaces, Futura. Starting from a dialogue with Paul Renner's iconic letterforms and proportions, Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli decided to depart from its distinctive modernist shapes with slight humanist touches and grotesque solutions – with some design choices evoking the softness of humanistRead more


/ March 20, 2020

Enréal is an informal, friendly and quirky typeface suitable for posters, books, and even websites. Published by Hanken Design Co. Download Enreal

Mena Grotesk

/ March 20, 2020

In the neighbourhood of  Bajos de Mena (Puente Alto, Chile) there are many stores and shops with signs and printed posters using typefaces such as Arial or Helvetica. These typefaces are used for all different purposes, from 8 pts to gigantics sizes, because local people would work with what they have within reach, also inRead more

Kavo Inline

/ March 20, 2020

Kavo Inline Typeface – 3 weight + 6 Logo Templates. Kavo is modern, inline typeface with 3 weight, ligatures, 6 awesome vector designs, 6 logo templates and multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. Kavo is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, magazine headers –Read more

City Boys

/ March 19, 2020

City Boys is a fashionable contrasted sans-serif that can be used in almost any situation. City Boys has basic, natural and neutral letterforms and skeletons for a wide range of usage. The glyphs are somewhat humanist yet they have vertical stress for modern and sophisticated impression. The ratio of the contrast was carefully designed forRead more