Fonts in: Distressed


/ October 21, 2019

Primitive is a prehistoric font family characterized by simplicity & crudeness, as if carved out and assembled by our sapiens ancestors. It is built with a rough edged, no nonsense style and the family evolves through various styles while retaining the raw roots of its origins. Published by Ed Hemphill Download Primitive


/ March 9, 2019

Optic is a distorted, rounded comic style font with an optical effect. Published by Graphics Bam Download Optic


/ February 28, 2019

Rebirth begins with light streaks that form a vintage style with a touch of rough and stamp. RIBORN with 4 fonts in number, as “ribs” in your design work, and able to beautify also strengthen your work in the form of type logos, typography, handlettering, packaging, t-shirts, labels, and much more. Equipped with “RIBORN EXTRASRead more


/ February 2, 2019

Atonement is a splattery, scratchy font. I made it with a steel nibbed pen, a brush and some Chinese ink. I based it on my fonts Ravenheart, Qilin and American Grunge – mostly because I really like them. Of course, all of these fonts are influenced by the work of the great Ralph Steadman –Read more

Runaround Kid

/ January 19, 2019

I was listening to some old Smashing Pumpkins albums when I created this font. The name comes from a song called *** You (An Ode To No One). Runaround Kid is a hand painted typeface. I used Chinese ink and a cheap Chinese brush to create the inky look. Comes with double-letter ligatures and aRead more