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/ September 13, 2021

Giroud – Condensed Serif Font is an Condensed serif font with solid font files. it is based on the compact solid font, by combining a variety of styles. Suitable for Logo, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary, design title, blog header, art quote, typography Giroud – Condensed Serif Font also suitable for art,Read more

Canoe Trip

/ September 13, 2021

A campy, old-style font, made to feel hand-painted given the equal width of horizontal and vertical strokes. Published by McLetters Handmade Type Download Canoe Trip


/ September 12, 2021

Once upon a midnight dreary, this Comicraftsman pondered, weak and weary, For a name synonymous with Mighty and Marvelous comics lore. Solid, Outline, Inline was the nameless font he’d crafted, He nodded, nearly napping o’er the work he’d grafted. When some silvered surfer wandered from the nightly shore, And asked, upstarting — “Tell me whatRead more

Ice Rounded SVG Font

/ September 11, 2021

The font is a colour OpenType file which means this font will show up only in apps that are compatible with color bitmap fonts. The Opentype-SVG fonts require Photoshop CC 2017, Illustrator CC 2018, or Procreate 4.3 (or newer) to use. Now that OpenType-SVG has been adopted as the industry standard, there is good chanceRead more


/ September 11, 2021

Norwill is a modern display font. Made for any professional project especially that related to the sports. Beside that, this font can be used for printing, branding and quotes. Features: – PUA Encoded – Multilingual Support – Numerals and Punctuation Published by Din Studio Download Norwill


/ September 10, 2021

HURSON is born from original and hand-drawn style font. This font gives a feel of vintage, classic, old, handmade looked like. Already PUA Encoded and I think this font is perfect for people looking for vintage aesthetic or handdrawn logo. Suitable for any graphic designs such as branding materials, t-shirt, print, business cards, logo, poster,Read more

MBF Typerisme

/ September 10, 2021

A unique, handmade with a bit of grunge style typewriter font. This semi vintage with modern flair typeface is perfect for headline, titling, logotype, body text and many more. Published by moonbandit Download MBF Typerisme


/ September 6, 2021

Verband is a bold Colour display font, this font looks , first aid, bandage, funny, cute, kids, cartoon, playful, catchy and easy to use. Verband is the best choice for your professional design projects, including : logo, poster design, t-shirt, headline, flyer, cd cover album, quotes, business card, branding, magazines, social media, advertisements, product designs,Read more


/ September 5, 2021

Cathedral is a display typeface with regular, semi bold, and bold weights with alternate glyphs for select characters. This font comes with bonus vector graphics that accompany the font. The bonus vector graphics have editable stroke weights, so they can match each type weight, or any other need you have in mind. Published by ClintRead more

MBF Taurian

/ September 1, 2021

Taurian is a bold and elegant display typeface. Inspired by the majestic horn of the bull, Taurian can gives a proud, strong and bold elegance to your projects. Passionately built with the utmost details on each glyph. Ideal use as a headline, title, display, logo, and many other. Published by moonbandit Download MBF Taurian