Fonts in: Decorative


/ July 24, 2021

Unique and fashionable font, the straight lines combined with a slight curve that makes Zolina looks modern and pretty. Try uppercase for clean and elegant look. Zolina is perfect for website header, logo, instagram story, or fashion related branding. This versatile family consists of 9 weights, variable styles as well as multilingual support, numbers, andRead more

Bumper Sticker

/ July 22, 2021

Bumper Sticker is a nice, uncomplicated display font. It is quite loud, a little heavy boned and very in-your-face. You could use it to design more bumper stickers, but I am sure you will come up with something better. Published by Hanoded Download Bumper Sticker

Story Tales

/ July 21, 2021

A fairy tale, is a folklore genre that takes the form of a short story. Story tale, is a new type family for wonderous, romantic, magical and playful narratives brought to you by Resitenza. The 1970s were wild and whimsical times. Book covers from this time were iconic, innovative and enduring; bold colour and stylisedRead more

Highway Contraband Font Duo

/ July 20, 2021

Highway Contraband – font duo + 20 Logo templates + 44 Vector elements Highway Contraband is vintage, clean font duo with total of 7 font styles, 20 logo templates, 44 vector elements, alternative glyphs and multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. Highway Contraband is perfect forRead more


/ July 19, 2021

Greetings! Introducing Mustopha, the brand new Arabic font, inspired by Latin classic handwriting and Arabic letters called 'hijaiyah'. The letterforms designed by a combination of Carolingian typography which visualizes a humanism feel and the Arabic calligraphy that mostly showing decorative with the long-swash of the letters. Feel the humanism with this font, neat, elegant, andRead more

Strong Heart Font Duo

/ July 18, 2021

Strong Heart Font Duo! Strong Heart contain two font, Script with lovely vibes, and Caps with strong form. The script also comes with ligatures that will make the signature font more real. This fonts are totally applicable in any project, like your social media post, merchandise, signature, etc. What will you get: – Strong HeartRead more

Fragility SVG Font

/ July 17, 2021

Among other fonts made by hand Fragility Font, a new glass font by Handmadefont, holds a specific place. It’s a delicate typeface that requires particular attention from its users. One must handle Fragility Font with great care to explore the possibility this unique typeface can give to ambitious designers. It has a damaged and shatteredRead more


/ July 17, 2021

Hejira means “rupture” and this concept was the primary principle that guided the creation of this typeface: to escape conventions and take up the challenge of designing letters with an unusual and fresh approach. Unlike traditional typefaces, each member of this somewhat atypical family has its own distinct personality and formal features. A thin, spikyRead more

Sweet Lemon

/ July 16, 2021

Sweet Lemon started off as something completely different, but I screwed up and closed one the the glyphs by accident. I kind of liked it, so I made three distinct fonts, each one with its own Italic style. In short: when a font is called Sweet Lemon, you should use it for Lemonade packaging. OrRead more

MC Sunshine

/ July 11, 2021

A groovy font for you hippy-vibers. Published by McLetters Handmade Type Download MC Sunshine