Fonts in: Decorative

Toast Bread Coffee

/ May 28, 2020

A Toast Bread Coffee Typeface is complete package Font for your design or your job, have 3 different font style ( Sans, Serif, and Script ). Can make it easier to convey the message in your design. Use for awesome display, Logo, labeling, clothing, movie screen, poster, movie title, gigs, album covers, logos, and muchRead more


/ May 28, 2020

A collaboration between Martin Laksman (illustrator) and Ale Paul (type designer) for Sudtipos as part of the first project at the foundry between illustration and type design to create a collection of colorfonts. About the font: The people, the popular things that unites us and shapes us, also shapes this typography, inspired by markets andRead more


/ May 26, 2020

Moonlight is a modern handwritten slab serif font that comes in 2 font weights – Regular & Bold. This bouncy, adorable font is perfect for cutting, t-shirts, party invites, merchandise, and much more. There's a set of standard ligatures included to create an authentic handwritten look too! Published by TypeFairy Download Moonlight

Hatter Halloween

/ May 25, 2020

Hatter Halloween, is an extension of After, which includes ligatures, Extrude, Swash, Layers and contains entertaining Dingbats for Halloween parties or on horror themes. Published by RodrigoTypo Download Hatter Halloween

ResotE-Fruits Color Font

/ May 25, 2020

ResotE-Fruits Color Font. What's includes: – ResotE-Apple – ResotE-Coconut – ResotE-Kiwi – ResotE-Lemon – ResotE-Lime – ResotE-Orange – ResotE-Plum Bonus: standard ResotE font in OTF and TTF format. in OpentypeSVG .ttf with: – Diacritic Glyphs – Ligatures (small tip: use !A! and !B! for flower glyphs!) – Contextual Alternates OpenTypeSVG is new font format andRead more

Tough Cookie

/ May 24, 2020

Tough Cookie is a handmade font that looks like it has been cut out. It comes in three varieties that work together really well. Use it for your book covers and product packaging, or (if you’re a tough cookie) for your christmas cards… Published by Hanoded Download Tough Cookie


/ May 19, 2020

Rosalind is a modular typeface built from a basic set of shapes and designed through a playful and experimental process. The letters were deconstructed into modules and recombined to produce multiple possibilities for each character. The curves, line values, proportions and spacing are the result of the peculiarities and quirks of each character. This approachRead more


/ May 16, 2020

Routerline is a script monoline with 4 styles, nice applied in various products. Complete with multilingual characters, ligature and alternate. It is suitable for quote, clothing design, vintage logo, label, poster, packaging design and other designs. Published by Lukman Hidayat Download Routerline


/ May 13, 2020

Kristopher, an elegant serif with contrast lines and balanced curves. A lot of stylish alternates will give you many useful variations for use. Try to play with compositions of curves / alternates letters w/ basic. This font may be conservative and classic, and also may be more playful and modern. It will good for TheatreRead more

Couturier Poster

/ May 13, 2020

Elegance flows through Couturier Poster soul. The Couturier's new cousin has a higher contrast between thin and thick strokes and the family has increased from 8 to 12 styles which are ideal for use at large sizes. Its design—inspired by 18th century Didone typefaces—is heavily influenced by contemporary ideas and makes it suitable for almostRead more