Fonts in: Blackletter


/ February 4, 2019

Blackminster is a Gothic font, inspired by a handwritten set of letters (designed by Harry Lawrence Gage) I found in a 1916 book about lettering. I only had the ABC/abc to work with, so I designed the remaining glyphs myself. Use Blackminster for your Metal album covers, skateboards and downhill mountain bikes, or just anythingRead more

Hoelderlin Fraktur

/ October 20, 2018

In 1938 the Frankfurt-based foundry Ludwig & Mayer released Eugen Weiss’ beautiful fraktur ‚Hoelderlin‘. Carefully redrawn and redesigned, this digitized version is intended to add another gem to the enthusiasts’ treasure drove of blackletter types. The font contains the historical long s which can be reached by the OpenType feature historical forms or by typingRead more

Gmuender Kanzlei

/ October 6, 2018

Inspired by some handwritten letter forms, the drawings and designs finally became an entire font. It is an ideal companion to create diplomas, certificates and any other vintage projects. Take advantage of the long s which can be reached when you change the round s by the historical OpenType feature or when you simply typeRead more

Pirate Black Display

/ August 3, 2018

Pirate Black Display is a modernistic and rebellious approach to the traditional Blackletter style. The brush/pen stroke characteristics are stylised and abstracted to combine the hand crafted feel with the rigid and super clean digital world. The angle and the flow of the symbolic broad nib are represented in minimalist and abstract shapes to createRead more

Rot Shield

/ July 26, 2018

Hello, Friends! Introducing new gothic typeface – Rot Shield It is a powerful typeface with fresh breath of gothic culture. Font looks amazing as alone words and as full text blocks. It has extended latin characters, numerals and punctuations. Enjoy it on your best projects! For any help regarding this font, please feel free toRead more