VTC Bloke is a revival of Miller & Richard’s classic metal typeface, ‘Egyptian Expanded’, including the three-dimensional, ‘Open’ style that was later
introduced to the family.

The roots of this typeface stem from the UK, where William Miller and his son-in-law Richard had their initial foundry in Edinburgh, Scotland. In addition to the beautiful and timeless type designs, the foundry gained a reputation for offering super small type sizes, designed for Bibles, dictionaries, documents, etc.

Slab Serifs (or Egyptian Serifs) started to gain popularity in the early 19th century. It’s around this time, due to emerging industrial technologies, and an ever-expanding advertising industry, that type designers started to really experiment with letterforms that could help their clients distinguish themselves from the competitor, and catch people's eyes.

The size of posters and advertising space was getting bigger, and bigger, and so was the type.

All original letterforms have been re-drawn and cleaned up, with some more modern glyphs and characters added in. VTC Bloke supports Adobe Latin 1 Language Support.

Published by Vintage Type Co.

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