Braden Sans

/ September 26, 2021

Braden Sans is a mix between modern and retro sans serif font in 4 styles (normal, soft, rough and stamp) with little condensed feel. Three weights and italic styles of each style can help users create eye-catching designs and brands. Braden is great for screen, editorial, publishing, logos, advertising, branding and corporate identities. It support a wide range of languages.

Published by Bartosz Wesolek

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/ September 26, 2021

VTC Bloke is a revival of Miller & Richard’s classic metal typeface, ‘Egyptian Expanded’, including the three-dimensional, ‘Open’ style that was later
introduced to the family.

The roots of this typeface stem from the UK, where William Miller and his son-in-law Richard had their initial foundry in Edinburgh, Scotland. In addition to the beautiful and timeless type designs, the foundry gained a reputation for offering super small type sizes, designed for Bibles, dictionaries, documents, etc.

Slab Serifs (or Egyptian Serifs) started to gain popularity in the early 19th century. It’s around this time, due to emerging industrial technologies, and an ever-expanding advertising industry, that type designers started to really experiment with letterforms that could help their clients distinguish themselves from the competitor, and catch people's eyes.

The size of posters and advertising space was getting bigger, and bigger, and so was the type.

All original letterforms have been re-drawn and cleaned up, with some more modern glyphs and characters added in. VTC Bloke supports Adobe Latin 1 Language Support.

Published by Vintage Type Co.

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/ September 26, 2021

Hatchway is a monospaced display typeface with rounded corners, suitable for headlines and short passages of text. Hatchway has a tall x-height and unusually short ascenders and descenders. The family contains seven weights from Thin to Black and five widths from Ultra Condensed to Ultra Extended. This version (1.0) comes with Multiple Language Support, including Extended Cyrillic, and Opentype Features.

Published by Romulo Gobira

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DIN Neue Roman

/ September 25, 2021

The DIN Neue Roman adds something new to the established concept of the DIN 1451 type’s technical origin. As a serif counterpart it leaves its static appeal to bring some friendliness into this industrial idea. With more contrast than a slab serif and the dynamic stroke of transitional type DIN Neue Roman defies all conventions, but keeps its legibility.

To have enough resources for diverse and complex typography this type family offers 7 weights with italics, small caps and all kind of opentype features.

Type designer Philip Lammert likes to play with the great potential of contradictions. That brought him to this design combining two essentially different classics. DIN Neue Roman is part of his 2015’s master thesis at the HAW Hamburg which was supervised by Prof. Jovica Veljovic.

Published by Vibrant Types

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/ September 25, 2021

Devilion! Amazing hand lettering look bold script typeface with attractive swashes and alternates! This font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards, packaging, fashion, make up, stationery, novels, labels or any type of advertising purpose.

– Uppercase & Lowercase
– Numbers and Punctuation
– Multilingual
– Ligatures
– Alternates
– Swashes
– PUA Encoded

We highly recommend using a program that supports OpenType features and Glyphs panels like many of Adobe apps and Corel Draw, so you can see and access all Glyph variations.

Published by Letterhend Studio

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/ September 25, 2021

Vulgary is a script family that includes 4 fonts. They match each other but can be used separately as well. It supports all euro languages based on Latin alphabet. To use swashes you have to open glyphs panel in menu Window. The font is compatible on both Windows and Mac. You can use it in all popular apps like Adobe, Corel Draw, Microsoft, Final Cut etc.

Published by Etewut Foundry

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/ September 25, 2021

Gogh is a geometric sans serif with a modern look and traditional spirit.

It blends evenly without overly distracting the reader, yet still keeps a rich and distinctive character. The generous x-height, easily distinguishable glyph forms, and open terminals help the eye perceive a block of text smoothly, making it clearly legible. Gogh thrives when used both on-screen or on print media.

Gogh type family consists of 10 weights from Hairline to Black and their matching Italics. Gogh is also available as a fully functional variable font, which gives unlimited opportunity to explore typography without the restrictions of predefined weights. Gogh Variable is also the best option if used on the web as it has a much-reduced size compared to the original font family.

Regardless of which Gogh family you choose, the typeface covers a broad spectrum of languages, as it includes Extended Latin and Cyrillic. And it also comes with an alternative stylistic set that will completely change the overall look of a paragraph, giving it a more contemporary and display appearance. In addition to that, Gogh type family is enriched with an extensive list of OpenType features for advanced typographic layout, including standard and discretionary ligatures, tabular and small figures, fractions, language localizations, case sensitive punctuation, and more.

Published by Spacetype Ltd.

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Strikt Variable

/ September 24, 2021

Strikt is a variable modular font family with 2 axes, build on a 3×3 grid. It was designed by Peter Bushuev and released in August of 2020.

It was inspired by the idea of utilizing variable font technology to make a font with build-in animation potential.

Strikt has 2 variable axes: weight and animation.

The first one is self-explanatory, but the animation axis is the main feature of the font. It allows you to morph any glyph to a 3×3 dot array and back.

In Strikt Plus modification, this array is the same for each letter, which gives the possibility to transform glyphs to each other.

Strikt is also a very sturdy and unique display font. In “Plus” modification it gives even more sci-fi and techno vibes. And in light weights, Strikt becomes more architectural and gives the possibility to make unusual ornamental layouts.

Get Strikt to jazz up your design! Try variable versions for kinetic typography and motion graphic. Strikt is a bold choice for posters, album covers, experimental identity and packaging, games, and editorial design.

Published by NaumType

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/ September 24, 2021

Bork is a display typeface that was inspired by an exercise in blackletter calligraphy. The style’s characteristic dark texture is seen mainly in the lowercase, with uniform spacing (where counterspace equals letterspace), shapes that recall the straight, interrupted strokes used in that style of writing, and the peculiar construction of certain letters. On the other hand, the uppercase aims for a more conventional roman construction, making it more legible for modern-day readers.

It features an extensive character set that includes contextual and stylistic alternates, superior/inferior figures, arbitrary fractions, as well as several unusual ornaments, symbols and punctuation. Bork is especially suited for use in book covers, headlines, packaging and logotypes.

Published by Harbor Type

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Wisteria Notes

/ September 24, 2021

Wisteria Notes – A beautiful script based on manual hand writing. Inspired by old-fashioned calligraphy script, so classy and classic! This type of font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards, packaging, fashion, make up, stationery, novels, labels or any type of advertising purpose.

– Uppercase & Lowercase
– Numbers and Punctuation
– Multilingual
– Swash and Ligature
– Alternates
– PUA encoded

Published by Letterhend Studio

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