/ March 8, 2021

Aldero™ strives to be as useful to any design environment as Alder trees are to the forest. Native to British Columbia, Canada, Alder is vital to the woods all year round. Wildlife and insects feed on Alder leaves and seeds. The tree also provides shelter for animals in winter while its shades keep streams from getting too hot in summer. The trunks and branches are excellent habitats for lichens and mosses. The nitrogen-rich leaves help fertilize the soil where they landed, which benefits other tree species nearby. Alder’s utilitarian nature inspires us to create Aldero™, a handy, versatile, go-to type family for all professional designers.

To achieve what we set out to do, we gave Aldero™ the two-in-one looks, doubled the sets of ligatures, and loaded it with plenty more of Opentype features. We put in long hours, months after months, until we are proud of the outcome. And we truly believe that you will enjoy working with this typeface as much as we do.

With five weights, ten styles, and 1,100+ glyphs per style, this versatile typeface comes with virtually two looks. The standard glyph set is perfect for formal, corporate design, while the stylistic alternate set elicits a fun, friendly, and casual feel. You can use each style separately or mix and match them to achieve your design aesthetic. Thanks to these options, a wide range of design possibilities are at your fingertips.

In addition to the two large sets of ligatures (for both the standard and the stylistic glyph sets), we also pack tons of Opentype features into Aldero™ to improve your user experience while working with this typeface. To activate the case-sensitive features, for example, highlight the phrase with the type tool, then hit the “All Caps” button; or select each mark, punctuations, or symbols with the type tool, then choose the case-sensitive option from the Opentype popup window. Hope you enjoy working with Aldero™ as much as we do!

Published by R9 Type+Design

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Nomada Incise

/ March 7, 2021

Nomada Incise is a sans serif with flared stems. As such, it belongs to a genre that lies slightly off the beaten track, with a strong focus on handcrafted forms. Reminiscent of engraved letters, Nomada Incise is a solid choice for conveying a solemn atmosphere. It has quite a bit of contrast, with an oblique axis, which is discernible even in the lightest weights. Unlike the other families, Nomada Incise features diagonal stroke endings. The sharply tapering strokes, the accentuated vertices and the diamond-shaped dots enforce the impression of letters cut in stone.

Published by Tipografies

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/ March 7, 2021

Harlend is a script vintage font created based on our hand lettering inspired by an old american style of sign painting, labels and packaging, created carefully to make an aesthetic touch on every vintage design you'll make.

Harlend has an alternates so it will make your design not bored because you have more option to use. This font can be used for logos, labels, prints, t shirt design, etc just let your imagination become the only wall to stop it.

Whats inside:

– Harlend Clean .otf / .ttf
– Harlend Rough .otf / .ttf
– Harlend Textured .otf / .ttf
– Crumble Regular .otf / .ttf
– Crumble Outline .otf / .ttf
– Crumble Textured .otf / .ttf

and Extras:

– Logo Templates
– Badge design

Happy creating

check this link to see all glyph :

Thank you, we hope you guys enjoy this font as much as we created

Published by Angin Studio

Download Harlend

TG Frekuent Mono

/ March 7, 2021

TG Frekuent Mono is a new modern geometric sans serif with a monospaced style. TG Frekuent Mono has several styles from ultra-light to extra-bold and one variable font.

TG Frekuent Mono designed with a high precision thus making this typeface is very structured and has a modern feel. And this typeface has several stylistic alternates who inspired by several characters from a script typeface, who made this stylistic alternate is a little quirky and different but still fit perfectly with the whole design of this typeface.

This thing makes this typeface is very highly recommended use for body text or display text because you can get feel something a structure an organized but at the same time you can get to feel quirky and different in this typeface.

Published by Tegami Type

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/ March 7, 2021

I was listening to the radio and a song caught my attention. It was ‘Demagogue’ by a band called the Urban Dance Squad. That song brought back memories from when I was a student, so I decided to name this font after it.

Demagogue was made using a Sharpie pen and a piece of expensive paper. The result is a very legible, very neat and very bold font. Demagogue is ideal for when you want to get your message across, but hopefully not in a demagogue-ish way! 😉

Published by Hanoded

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DearDay Watercolor Toolbox

/ March 6, 2021

DearDay Watercolor Toolbox! Yes, it is a toolbox. The reason why I named it as a toolbox is because you will get tons of item in one product!

This product will contain 10 fonts and 60 hand-drawn watercolor illustration in png! Yeah you hear it right! This product will provide anything you need to create a lovely watercolor art. Just mix and match the fonts and then you can get a beautiful lettering that you can use in any media you want! Very suitable for wedding invitation, greeting cards, merchandise, apparel, poster / print design, etc.

What you will get in this product:


– Dearday Script (OTF & TTF)
– Dearday Sans (OTF & TTF)
– Blodders (OTF & TTF)
– Callonsky (OTF & TTF)
– Kulon (OTF & TTF)
– Quicken (OTF & TTF)
– Reklase (OTF & TTF)
– Skizzle (OTF & TTF)
– Storytella (OTF & TTF)
– Swiftone (OTF&TTF)


– 25 Watercolor Flower illustration (PNG)
– 35 Watercolor Leaf illustration (PNG)

Published by Letterhend Studio

Download DearDay Watercolor Toolbox


/ March 6, 2021

Anko is a mixed style of Old Style Roman serif. The glyphs formed in extend width, smooth strokes, moderate stem contrast, and soft edges to pursue clarity, quick recognizable text and warm personality. The italics style is 8 degree low slanted with redrawned lowercase which shown a more organic and flowy forms. Contain 8 weight with more than 450 glyphs that support extended latin language, also with some opentype features such as standard and discretionary ligature and variation of numeral figures.

Published by Eko Bimantara

Download Anko


/ March 6, 2021

Meroche Sweet and Classsy Sans Family

Our new collection of fonts from Meronce Sans Family and with extra fruit with a touch of watercolor,
Meroche Sans Family consists of 4 weight: Thin, regular, medium and bold equipped with 20+ ligatures and alternative letters that look sweet and classy are very good for your work such as logos, branding, packaging, posters, invitations, instastory and your advertising needs

Published by Abdul Malik Wisnu

Download MEROCHE


/ March 6, 2021

Save time and effort – choose your type wisely. Use Taurus and you’ll achieve impact without having to resort to cheap tricks. We have done the work for you: just type out words using Taurus and you’ll have a logo for a Wall Street law firm – or for that precious vintage Barolo.

Refinement. Sophistication. Seriousness. Sex appeal. Taurus has it all.

Published by Emil Bertell

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/ March 5, 2021

Geminian is a set of fonts that started as a simple idea based on a theoretical level and developed during a long time, to be able to take shape under a creative impulse inspired by the need to communicate, today more than ever. From an astrological point of view, it celebrates and contributes to this practice, the study of stars position and movement and their influence on people's destiny. As a good Gemini, this set revives the main features of the opposite twins sign. Gemini is associated with thoughts, creativity, and communication. Its ruler Mercury (Hermes for the ancient Greeks), messenger of the Gods, and spokesman of the divine word, gives the natives of this sign intelligence, wit, eloquence and poetry.

Geminian aims to be a medium to carry different messages from one end to the other. And this is because when using words, Geminis always surprise. Thanks to this gitf (and language and communication), they are able to bring up the most ingenious ideas, to solve any problem and to contribute new perspectives. These qualities may be the secret of its magnetism.

The Geminian set comes in 5 styles including a script with multiple ligatures and alternates, 3 sets of caps and dingbats. In addition the complete font family supports a wide variety of Latin alphabet-based languages.

Published by Sudtipos

Download Geminian