/ January 23, 2020

This font is an adorable hand-made typeface with a lot of personality. With cute doodles icons in PUA encoding, this typeface can be a mighty companion to your next graphic design project. From “hand-written” quotes to product packaging, merchandise, and branding projects, this font is so versatile that it can cover them all.

What is included?
– Latin Characters
– Greek Characters
– Numerals
– 30 icon doodles in PUA

Published by Konstantina Louka

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/ January 23, 2020

Sunkiss is very suitable for use in various media such as; packaging, logo, label, poster, shirt design, quote of wisdom, hand lettering, typography and many other media. Supported by many glyphs that can support 22 languages (language attachments see in preview) and Opentype for additional Swash (more than 20 swashes).

In addition, Sunkiss supports the following:
– Ligature
– Natural brush touch
– PUA Encoded open
– Support for MAC or PC
– Simple installation for Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, or other software design
– Support 22 languages

Published by Risman Ginarwan

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/ January 22, 2020

Majestika Script is a beautiful modern calligraphy which is suitable for you who needs a typeface for headline, logotype, apparel, invitation, branding, packaging, advertising etc. This typeface is comes in uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, symbols & numerals, stylistic set alternate, ligatures, etc also support multilingual and already PUA encoded.

Published by Letterhend Studio

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/ January 22, 2020

It’s alive! Insigne’s new creation, Daito, is now functional, built to process your logos, business cards, magazine layouts, packaging and more without the slightest glitch. But this new slab serif is no heartless churn of the same factory nuts and bolts. Daito is designed to greet your reader with a friendly face.

Inspired by types from the era of the Space Race, this new take on some old faces brings a contemporized, unique set of serif forms to the font race. Daito comes complete with a variety of weights to help you find the best settings for your current needs or moods. Need soft and playful? Daito light communicates its message gently with softened serif. Need a different feel with more authority? With the touch of a few buttons, engage the powerful Black or striking Bold.

Additional features with Daito include stylistic alternates, ligatures, titling capitals and small caps among other typographic features. Please note: use magical OpenType-savvy applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, etc to keep your font from malfunctioning, shorting, attacking people, or attempting a world takeover. Daito also speaks Western, Eastern, and Central European languages. However, Japanese is not available for this edition.

It’s not every day you find a top-of-the-line font like Daito come along. This machine can handle most anything on your list short of folding your laundry (though it may make your laundry look nicer). Don’t wait. Order yours today while supplies last.

Published by Insigne

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/ January 22, 2020

Duddy is a “friendly” sans-serif typography designed by Eleonora Lana and the Letritas team. The shape of Duddy was created based on sketches that looked after carrying the concept of kindness as far as possible, keeping always in mind the readability and functionality of the font.

In the stage of brainstorming, the team started listing things that were friendly to the touch or sight, such as a candy gum, or marshmallow, to become acquainted with the intended goal.

Although slowly, as the letters were being created, the objects associated with the forms were not satisfactory, since when forming words a special personality of its own appeared.

By reconceptualizing everything, the personality of the letter the team wanted to work with had to be redefined.

Thus it went from “caramel” to “teddy bear”, from “teddy bear” to “puppy” and from “puppy” to “dolphin”. And Duddy is the perfect name for a dolphin. Duddy was a sound idea: friendly, intelligent, social. Once the concept was nailed, the design of graceful and “soft” shapes started. Almost chewable, almost huggable, as if composing words was a game.

Duddy has a slanted version with “real italics”. These italics are slightly more condensed than the regular version, in order to give it a different text texture.

The typeface has 9 weights, ranging from “thin” to “heavy”, and two versions: “regular” and “italic”. Its 18 files contain 729 characters with ligatures, alternates, small caps, oldstyle and tabular numbers, fractions, case sensitive, and unicase figures. It supports 219 Latin-based languages, spanning through 212 different countries.

Published by Letritas Foundry

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/ January 22, 2020

New blackletter-sans font family in modern look with contrasts elements in six widths. Impressive style with non-typical Blackletter uppercases as alternates and normal Sans as standard. In the company with good-looking lowercases and their alternates you can get outstanding result for your project.

Six widths give you wide range of use. Massive Bold or Black will be really good in none-long magazine headlines, some logos or cafe/bar signs, menu's or coffeeshops. Medium or Regular is for normally (not giant) text blocks or any of accented texts. Light and Thin are good in big pt. Short word forms or numerals is just awesome.

Published by Vintage Voyage Design

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TT Interphases

/ January 21, 2020

Based on the positive experience in creating typefaces such as TT Norms Pro and TT Commons, we once came up with the ambitious idea of trying to create the perfect typeface to work in modern interfaces on most known mobile and web platforms. We took this project very seriously and, before proceeding with the design itself, we carried out rather extensive research work.

TT Interphases consists of 22 styles: 18 styles in the basic family, and 4 monospaced fonts. The main visual features of TT Interphases include the open aperture of the characters, the uniform distribution of white and black, as well as excellent readability. The general neutrality of the font pattern is not without elegance, and all the details of the typeface are made with mathematical precision and love. In addition, TT Interphases has the most advanced manual TrueType hinting.

The basic TT Interphases family consists of 18 styles (9 weights and 9 obliques), in each of which there are more than 930+ glyphs. In the typeface, you can find old-style figures, stylistic alternates, mathematical signs, as well as 100 universal icons divided into five thematic groups: basic actions, states, sections of the site, documents and folders, mobile interface. TT Interphases supports more than 180 languages based on extended Latin and Cyrillic, including Bulgarian localization.

TT Interphases Mono is a complementary family of 4 styles (2 upright and 2 obliques), each of which consists of 740+ glyphs. We intentionally changed the sign composition of the Mono subfamily—we added special characters to the encoding and removed everything that was not needed (for example, ligatures). Although Mono borrowed the basic style-forming aspects of the main family, for example, the openness of the aperture or the degree of rounding of the circles, but due to the monospace, it adds some of his own character. First of all, this difference can be found in the changed design of signs, in noticeable visual compensators, as well as in italics, whose design is made in a more humanist way.

Published by TypeType

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Black Gold

/ January 21, 2020

Introducing Black Gold serif font + Extras

Black Gold is sophisticated font with tons of alternative glyphs, ornaments, nature elements, photoshop styles, watercolours, ink marks and multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes.

Black Gold is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, magazine headers – or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

In the product you will find:

– Black Gold serif font with tons of alternative glyphs and multilingual support
– 26 Black Gold ornaments
– 40 Nature elements in PSD, EPS, Ai, JPEG formats
– 20 Ink marks in PSD, EPS, Ai, JPEG formats
– 10 Photoshop styles in ASL format
– 6 Watercolor Elements in PNG format with transparent background

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Mock ups and backgrounds used are not included!

Thank you! Enjoy!

Published by Vladimir Fedotov

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Angelic Bonques Font Duo

/ January 20, 2020

Angelic Bonques – Perfect Pair Font Duo is a combination of an elegant sans serif font & beauty handwritten script font based on the expression of real handwriting. Angelic Bonques – Perfect Pair Font Duo will work perfectly for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, wedding boutiques or any business that wants to appear upscale and chic.

Angelic Bonques – Perfect Pair Font Duo also Suitable for Logo, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary, design title, blog header, art quote, typography, art, modern envelope lettering or book design, happening style like handdrawn design or watercolor design theme, craft design, any DIY project, book title, or any purpose to make your art/design project look pretty and trendy.

Product Content:
– Angelic Bonques Sans Regular (OTF & TTF)
– Angelic Bonques Sans Italic (OTF & TTF)
– Angelic Bonques Script (OTF & TTF)

– Uppercase & Lowercase
– Standard & Special Ligatures ( by eo ab al ai an am and are as at all att ag by co com can ak ng el eb eh ah ee ell es est ei em en et ett ii go in im it is il ill ing io itt ik rr oo or in er ib ob nn oh mm om on bb mn nm no not ss)
– Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
– PUA Encoded
– No special software is required to use Angelic Bonques – Perfect Pair Font Duo.

Published by Craft Supply Co.

Download Angelic Bonques Font Duo


/ January 19, 2020

Based inspired by the mighty Times New Romance. Both full and Bold-Bodied. An attractive blend of delicate and strong modern, with vintage elegance. Classic and refined. is a graceful and reliable serif, useful in any situation. Aquatic is warm letterforms and rough modified look like gothic and elegance with regular and italic style.


– Aquatic Regular( OTF / TTF)
– Aquatic Italic (OTF / TTF)
– Aquatic Rough Regular (OTF / TTF)
– Aquatic Rough Italic (OTF /TTF)
– 295 Glyphs
– Multilingual Supported

Published by Agung Suwandi

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