/ October 21, 2019

Primitive is a prehistoric font family characterized by simplicity & crudeness, as if carved out and assembled by our sapiens ancestors. It is built with a rough edged, no nonsense style and the family evolves through various styles while retaining the raw roots of its origins.

Published by Ed Hemphill

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/ October 20, 2019

A collaboration between Leandro Castelao (illustrator) and Ale Paul (type designer) for Sudtipos as part of the first project at the foundry between illustration and type design to create a collection of colorfonts.

About the font:

Machinery, cables, and geometry are the playground were Maquina’s been created. I imagined something intricate but at the same time clean and organized, like a controlled chaos to some extent. The result is complex but playful. Elegant with fun little details.


Máquina comes in 2 CMYK and 1 in RGB files with pre-defined color palettes . You can always change the colors by converting the text to outlines.

Technical info to use:

The package contains a normal OTF font in Black and White and 3 versions of colorfonts in SVG-TTF format. To be able to use the color files you need to have installed Adobe Photoshop CC2017 or Adobe Illustrator CC2018. Not all the browsers support color fonts so please be sure to use them as graphics.

Published by Sudtipos

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/ October 20, 2019

Gaba has it's roots in classic mid-twenties century typefaces. With uniform drawn character widths, rounded, comfortable warm curves, combined with sharp cuts, a large x-height and a moderate drawn contrast. A timeless and outstanding collection over a comprehensive range of weights making it the perfect workhorse for a wide range of applications. Gaba contains 588 Glyphs and numerous Opentype features.

Published by BumbumType

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/ October 20, 2019

Unicorn is a super-condensed Display with a blasé feeling. It was firstly inspired by a lowercase set seen on a furniture ad in Domus (the architecture magazine) #192, from 1943. For best results, use with a bright & smart colour palette. Appointed by the Unicorn.

Published by David Matos

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/ October 19, 2019

Motiraw is contemporary sans-serif typeface made up of 28 fonts across 7 weights with normal and alternate options. It’s a unique and modern sans typeface, which is well suited for a variety of typographic applications such as headlines and small texts. Motiraw font family supports multiple languages and is available as both webfont and desktop font.

Published by Typesketchbook

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/ October 19, 2019

Provoke, a fresh and funky inline typeface with 10 stunning font variations!

Inspired by Art Deco design, Provoke is a powerful display typeface that features sharp geometric design and stunning inline cutouts of varying styles. This typeface is boldly rooted in modern urban culture and can create two incredibly distinct visual styles based on the specific font that is utilized.

Deco Chic & Super Fresh

– Bring a unique elegance to your designs by utilizing Inline and Inline-Thin font variations. These inline styles add a classy high-brow element thanks to their Art Deco influence.
– Straight edges and full inline length on each glyph turns your content into an aggressive all-business affair with formal overtones.
– Inline thin is most impactful for large text, while it's thicker alternate Inline balances out the weight when used on smaller type.

Get Funky Now

– Push your designs to psychedelic levels by pairing the innovative Partial Inline with rounded lettering.
– Partial Inline creates a grungy counterculture aesthetic as if the glyphs were freshly scratched on a DJ turntable.
– Use this font style to create a compelling urban aesthetic that you might also find in the graffiti galleries of city bridges walls and tunnels.

In all, Provoke comes in 10 font variations for a great amount of versatility for your project. Whether you're looking for modern chic, or streetlamp funk, this typeface has you covered.

Published by Alan Parker

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