/ July 25, 2021

Widy is a geometric sans serif font, which features 9 styles. It’s based on the Futura developed by Paul Renner and neo sans-serif fonts. At the same time, it has significant stylistic differences.

Massive lengthy letters are among the unique features of this font. They will help you come up with the perfect composition. The letters have optical compensation, while a circle is the key figure of the fonts.

Due to extended or so-called wide fonts, your project will have a modern and fresh design. The composition will keep its contrast regardless of the background you’ve chosen. The Widy family includes 9 styles: Thin, Extra Light, Light, Semi Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold and Extra Bold. Each of them also has Italic variation.

They are perfect for both graphic design projects (posters, brand identities, logotypes) and simple interface designs.

• wide, extended style

• 9 styles (+ italic variations)

• 377 glyphs

Published by Taras Pasternak

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High Cruiser

/ July 25, 2021

High Cruiser is a modern and bold sans serif, all caps typeface that gives a strong, stunning visual impact. Perfect for editorial design, brand identity, logo design, typography posters, event collateral, packaging – and absolutely anything!

High Cruiser comes as a font duo – Regular & Dingbats. Switch between expanded and condensed version by using letter case, and design it further with the FREE dingbat font (a-z, A-Z) that was used in the visuals!

Published by TypeFairy

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Presley Slab

/ July 25, 2021

The lightest weight of Presley Slab takes inspiration from a late nineteenth-century type specimen, but what began as a decorative and delicate contrasted serif stirred Alejandro Paul’s imagination to conjure voluptuous reverse contrasted letterforms. These became the heaviest weight of Presley Slab, which nods to the lacquered hairstyles from the birth of rock ’n roll with its idiosyncratic ball terminals. Its playful allure and swagger remains visible in the weights that stand between these two extremes but as the curls loosened, many things happened in the design process including the appearance of swashes and alternates.

Presley Slab’s personality has breadth; it is a fun, confident and contemporary palette of letters that will perfectly perform for any job, from editorial design to branding. The Extra Bold and Black weights are a powerful option at large sizes for use on posters and billboards; the graceful Thin and Extra Light weights are delicate options for packaging design or fashion branding. Despite it conjuring images of mid-century music halls, Presley Slab is also staunchly European in it’s aesthetic, offering everything from good-humour to elegance with its unique touches.

Published by Sudtipos

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/ July 25, 2021

Malinsha, a vintage brush font created from manual hand-lettering. Inspired by retro signage and modern calligraphy, Malinsha has a bold letterform that perfect for displays. Available in Regular and Distressed that you can mix and match to be fit your theme.

Malinsha equipped with hundreds of alternates characters that ease you to create an amazing typographic design! Malinsha is perfect for logo, logotype, apparel, merchandise, poster, website, label, signage & storefront, badge, packaging, greeting cards, and much more!

Fonts featured:
– Uppercase
– Lowercase
– Numbers & punctuation
– Symbols
– Accented characters
– Ss01- ss10
– Ligatures
– Custom swashes

Published by Ahmad Ramzi Fahruddin

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/ July 24, 2021

Sunkiss is very suitable for use in various media such as; packaging, logo, label, poster, shirt design, quote of wisdom, hand lettering, typography and many other media. Supported by many glyphs that can support 22 languages (language attachments see in preview) and Opentype for additional Swash (more than 20 swashes).

In addition, Sunkiss supports the following:
– Ligature
– Natural brush touch
– PUA Encoded open
– Support for MAC or PC
– Simple installation for Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, or other software design
– Support 22 languages

Published by Risman Ginarwan

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/ July 24, 2021

Yerington typeface is a modern and elegant blackletter font, there are 2 styles in this font namely plain and outline. This font consists of uppercase, lowercase, alternative character, ligature and multi language character. This font is suitable for graphic design needs, logo design, branding, tattoos, posters, and others.

Published by Eko Setiawan

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/ July 24, 2021

Lufga is a geometric sans serif font family with unique characters for a touch of distinction. Simple yet sophisticated, this typeface design gives a clean and modern appearance while carrying some almost retro tones. Most notably, the lowercase g and u make it recognizable for your branding applications, and there are also stylistic alternates to help give a little different presentation when needed.

With a minimal design, low contrast, large x-height, and thin through black weights (with italics), Lufga is well suited as both a workhorse text and display font for branding, advertising, packaging, headlines, magazines, websites, logo designs, and more.

Lufga’s features include:
• Stylistic alternates (G, a, g, u, w)
• Case-sensitive punctuation for All Caps
• Arrow icons
• Fractions, numerators, denominators
• Superscript, subscript

With over 600 glyphs, this font has extensive multilingual Latin language support (100+ languages) for Western, Central, and South Eastern European.

Published by Adam Ladd

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/ July 24, 2021

Unique and fashionable font, the straight lines combined with a slight curve that makes Zolina looks modern and pretty. Try uppercase for clean and elegant look. Zolina is perfect for website header, logo, instagram story, or fashion related branding. This versatile family consists of 9 weights, variable styles as well as multilingual support, numbers, and currency symbols.

Published by Kadek Mahardika

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Travel Soulmates

/ July 23, 2021

The Travel Soulmates is a font duo with a simple and classy taste. It includes a signature, and a bold sans version. This classy duo is easy to use and has a great readability. It can be used for watermark on photography, signature logos, album covers, business cards, quotes, and many other design projects.

Published by Alde Saputro

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/ July 23, 2021

Designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli with Maria Chiara Fantini, Lovelace is Zetafonts homage to the tradition of nineteenth century “Old Style” typography – a revival of Renaissance hand-lettered shapes driven by the desire to create a less formal and more friendly alternative to Bodonian serifs. While taking inspiration from the letter shapes created by Pheimester or Alexander Kay – with their calligraphic curves and heavy angled serifs that influenced Benguiat and Goudy’s typefaces in the 70s – we also tried to add elegance and contrast by following another 19th century revival style: the Elzevir. This digital homage to victorian typography, aptly named after the algorist daughter of lord Byron, is developed in two optical sizes, both in a six weights range from extralight to extrabold.

The text variant offers maximum readability thanks to the generous x-height and screen-friendly design, while the display variant excels in the sharp contrast and thin details needed for editorial and large-size titling use. The italics, strongly influenced by calligraphy, have been complemented with a display script family, including luscious swashes and connected lowercase letters, lovingly designed by Zetafont in-house calligrapher.

All the thirty weights of Lovelace cover over 200 languages that use latin, cyrillic and greek alphabets, and include advanced Open Type features as Stylistic Alternates, Standard and Discretionary Ligatures, Positional Numerals, Small Caps and Case Sensitive Forms.

Published by Zetafonts

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