/ June 15, 2021

Hermann is one of our most readable typefaces so far. Since last year, the W Design team had been examining closely the possibility of developing a text font. Thus, we dug into concepts within some of our favorite novels, such as The Steppenwolf and Brave New World, written by Hermann Hesse and Aldous Huxley respectively. Ideas like duality, surrealism, and wildness mainly appeared. With these concepts in mind, we analyzed carefully the typefaces used in both Hesse’s and Huxley’s creations; Sabon and Garamond showed up catching our attention and, of course, awakening our admiration.

Consequently, the challenge was to combine the key features of these fonts with the concepts already identified. At first, we made a text font which was suitable to compose long texts. However, we realized that we needed to refine some characteristics to convey all the ideas. A full set of capital discretionary ligatures was designed, which convert Hermann in a display font when is required. We also designed swashes (from A-Z) and final forms (in letters h, k, m, n, r and x in romans, and in letters a, d, e, h, i, l, m, n, r, t, u, x and z in italics), conveying more dynamism and versatility when it comes to composing visually.

Hermann was designed not only to be accurate in terms of legibility but also to be wild and bold. That is why we took a big leap and designed from the beginning a font that is inspired by the world of 20th-century novels, using the name of one of its greatest exponents, Hermann Hesse.

Published by W Type Foundry

Download Hermann

Irish Poem

/ June 15, 2021

Irish Poem is a modern ligature display font. It was inspired by a short Irish poem found in an old book. Irish Poem is great for logos and branding, posters, signs, labels and more! Enjoy!

– Irish Poem Regular (without ligatures)
– Irish Poem Liga (with ligatures)

Language support:
àáâäãåā æ ç èéêëē îïíīì ñ ôöòóøõ ûüùu ÿýỳŷ þœ

Published by Bartosz Wesolek

Download Irish Poem


/ June 15, 2021

Cysan is created with well balanced contrast between thick stems and thin crossbar. Smooth combination of curviness and sharpness create elegant and assured figures that look best at medium to large scale. This is perfect to sweeten up your headlines, branding visual identity, editorial, poster, and etc.

Published by Hindia Studio

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/ June 14, 2021

Kaleem is an Arabic display font. The word ‘Kaleem’ in the Arabic Language refers to the unique talker. It also indicates the person who has a far-reaching conversation skills. The font features a unique writing style with a solid geometric structure that suits titling and creative heading. Kaleem consists of two weights, regular and bold.

Published by Scribo Studio

Download Kaleem

Victorian Supremacy

/ June 14, 2021

With over a year of design and development, Victorian Supremacy is ready to help you and your clients make a statement by adding elegance and unique flair to your next design project.

Victorian Supremacy inspired by letterheads from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Set includes four major styles and layered version (gradient, outline & extrude).

Victorian Supremacy offers an expansive set of options, making it the perfect choice for books, magazines, packaging, branding and signage. From period style and Victorian to modern and elegant, Victorian Supremacy is strong and stately, yet elegant and decorous.

If your application does not feature a glyph palette, We also add the Characters map in PDF to help you access hidden alternates available in our OpenType fonts. Simply chose the font PDF you want to use, click on the glyph to copy it to your clipboard, then return to your application and paste while using the appropriate “Victorian Supremacy” font.

Bonus set: It also have fully vectorised panels, ribbons & illustrations in EPS & AI to help you.

Published by Eric Kurniawan

Download Victorian Supremacy

Uphead Typeface

/ June 14, 2021

UPHEAD is an upper and lowercase sans serif industrial style font. This font is inspired by the street signs of Eastern Europe and has a nice balance of hard lines and smooth curves, but still maintaining a strong appearance with modern touches.

UPHEAD includes two styles, Uphead Regular and Updead Condensed, for both styles extensive Latin script language support, characters set A-Z , numerals and punctuation. Uphead is the perfect font for industrial logo designs, headers, small and block text.

Product content:
– UPHEAD Regular
– UPHEAD Condensed

*OTF file format
*Long term support
*Free features for the next updates
*Extensive Latin script language support
*Upper and lowercase font

Published by Mcraft

Download Uphead Typeface


/ June 14, 2021

Calvous – A Slab Serif Typeface. This item consist of 4 fonts in various styles which you can play around with it. Suitable for design needs with a touch of classic western. You will also get 17 hand drawing illustration pack and 6 logo template pack in this item!

In this product you will get :

– Calvous Regular (OTF / TTF)
– Calvous Spurs (OTF / TTF)
– Calvous Stamp (OTF / TTF)
– Calvous Spurs Stamp (OTF / TTF)

Bonus Extras file:

– 17 Hand drawn illustration in vector
– 6 logo templates

We hope you enjoy the font, please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts or feedback.

Published by Letterhend Studio

Download Calvous


/ June 13, 2021

Designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli with Maria Chiara Fantini, Lovelace is Zetafonts homage to the tradition of nineteenth century “Old Style” typography – a revival of Renaissance hand-lettered shapes driven by the desire to create a less formal and more friendly alternative to Bodonian serifs. While taking inspiration from the letter shapes created by Pheimester or Alexander Kay – with their calligraphic curves and heavy angled serifs that influenced Benguiat and Goudy’s typefaces in the 70s – we also tried to add elegance and contrast by following another 19th century revival style: the Elzevir. This digital homage to victorian typography, aptly named after the algorist daughter of lord Byron, is developed in two optical sizes, both in a six weights range from extralight to extrabold.

The text variant offers maximum readability thanks to the generous x-height and screen-friendly design, while the display variant excels in the sharp contrast and thin details needed for editorial and large-size titling use. The italics, strongly influenced by calligraphy, have been complemented with a display script family, including luscious swashes and connected lowercase letters, lovingly designed by Zetafont in-house calligrapher.

All the thirty weights of Lovelace cover over 200 languages that use latin, cyrillic and greek alphabets, and include advanced Open Type features as Stylistic Alternates, Standard and Discretionary Ligatures, Positional Numerals, Small Caps and Case Sensitive Forms.

Published by Zetafonts

Download Lovelace


/ June 13, 2021

Meet Ardin, a wedge serif that merges letter characteristics of traditional serifs with textures and styles found almost exclusively in modern sans-serif typefaces. The result is a bold design that feels distinctly classic, powerful, and handcrafted. With Ardin, you can make your projects (logos, product sheets, marketing materials, business cards, websites, etc.) look sophisticated while feeling both approachable and fresh.

Ardin comes in three flavors: Standard, Distressed, and Outline. Included file formats: .OTF .TTF .WOFF Also included with Ardin is Ardin Swashes: 10 original swashes designed to match Ardin's look and feel.

Published by Alan Parker

Download Ardin


/ June 13, 2021

Marcelo's new typeface “Emperator” —based on his knowledge gained from instruction by master calligraphers— provides a fresh perspective on classic typefaces.

Emperator comes in 3 variants that make your designs look elegant, legible and expressive. This font is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications such as titles, wedding invitations, short text, logos, labels, book covers, posters, packaging, etc.

Emperator's character set includes small caps (letters, figures and symbols), fractions, stylistic alternates, ligatures, mathematical symbols, etc.— more than 750 glyphs in all, supporting over 200 Latin-based languages.

Published by LatinoType

Download Emperator