/ February 25, 2020

Aventra is a handmade organic sans serif typeface family. With curved edges and slightly uneven lines, it has a warm and friendly appeal. Its clean and minimal design makes it legibility and readable even in smaller point sizes. With a distinct and informal human touch, it is ideal for packaging, branding, display, posters, logos, advertising, signage and editorial design.

Published by Deepak Singh Dogra

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Wild Magnolia

/ February 25, 2020

Introducing the lovely luxury script font, Wild Magnolia!

Wild Magnolia is a modern organic signature script font that is perfect for giving your designs an authentic handwritten feel and is perfect for branding, wedding invites, logos, magazines, photo overlays, blogs and so much more!

Wild Magnolia includes a full set of beautiful uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations and ligatures. It also includes beginning and ending swashes as alternate letters.

Long swash in the beginning as seen in Preview Image 9 ( Bianca ) can be added using the hyphen (-) key on your keyboard

Published by The Ink Affair

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/ February 24, 2020

Plaisir came unexpectedly, as in between release while we waited for client's confirmation for their project. After trying a couple of different approaches, Plaisir landed as elegant modern sans serif family with 5 weights and same Italics. With sharp triangle serifs and wide endings, Plaisir was constructed with decent stem contrast that flirt with display category. It is versatile, legible, recognizable family with fluent Italics.

Equipped with Standard Ligatures, Tabular Figures, OldStyle Figures, a few Stylistic Alternates, basic Ordinals and Latin Small Caps, Plaisure is working horse that will suit in any required situations.

Published by Tour de Force Font Foundry

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/ February 24, 2020

Baskar Stc is a slab serif nice applied in various products. Complete with multilingual characters and stalistic alternates. It is suitable for quote, clothing design, vintage logo, label, poster, packaging design and other designs.

Published by Lukman Hidayat

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Zawya Pro

/ February 24, 2020

The family has 24 weights, ranging from Thin to Black in Normal, Condensed and Wide styles. It is ideally suited for advertising and packaging, editorial and publishing, logo, branding and creative industries, poster, and billboards, small text, wayfinding, and signage as well as web and screen design.

Zawya Pro provides advanced support with features such as case-sensitive forms, fractions, super- and subscript characters, and stylistic alternates.

It comes with a complete range of letters for Arabic and English with Arabic and Latin digits.

As well as Latin-based languages, the typeface family also partly supports the Arabic, Urdu and Persian and more than 30 writing systems such as ( Afrikaans – Albanian – Catalan – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – English – Estonian – Finnish – French – German – Hungarian – Icelandic – Italian – Latvian
Lithuanian – Maltese – Norwegian – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Slovak – Slovenian – Spanish – Swedish – Turkish Zulu – العربية Arabic – Urdu الفارسية – الأوردو Persian).

In includes OpenType features for Arabic and English:

– Stylistic set 01 and 02
– Numerator & Denominator
– Fractions
– Ordinals
– Superscript
– Standard Ligatures
– Discretionary Ligatures
– Case Sensitive

Published by Protype

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/ February 24, 2020

Clab is meant for branding. The initial characters were build in bold and chunky personality, yet the thin strokes and flowy italics gives it a versatile and unique set of family. The glyphs crafted in low contrast strokes, short ascenders and descenders and low caps. Clab consist of 9 weight from Hairline to Black with each matching italics. Contain more than 400 glyphs with some OpenType features e.g, standard and discretionary ligature, fraction, e.t.c.

Published by Eko Bimantara

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Jus Hangin PB

/ February 23, 2020

Jus Hangin was inspired by the lettering on the cover of the 1999 Counting Crows album, “This Desert Life”. It was one of those child-like lettering styles that was just begging to be fleshed out and made into a typeface that was as wild and carefree as the lettering inspiration.

With an open spacing format, and an exuberant baseline bounce, Jus Hangin is fun to typeset with, while alternates and double letter ligatures keep things from getting repetitive. You’ll find Jus Hangin is ready and waiting to announce your festivities.

Published by Pink Broccoli

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/ February 23, 2020

Freshline is textured brush font, contemporary approach to design, handmade natural with an irregular baseline. Suitable for use in title design. Such as apparel, invitations, books tittle, stationery design, quotes, branding, logos, greeting card, t-shirt, packaging design, poster and more.

Freshline includes a complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as multi-language support, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, alternatives extra swash.

Published by Megatype

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/ February 23, 2020

Shalima is a serif font that is specifically designed to make a non-standard font, looks beautiful, neatly elegant and strong when used for branding. has a strong character, with characteristics that are different from other fonts.

Shalima has more than 450 glyphs, which includes a complete set of multilingual, more than 50 ligatures, and alternate to make it easier for you to work.

Not only the standard fonts that you will have when buying Shalima fonts, but you will also get regular mode, regular outline, italic and italic outlined. You will get a total of 8 total fonts in OTF and TTF formats.

Published by Agung Suwandi

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